A used car dealer management software that boosts your sales

DealerBeats is a best-in-industry used car dealer software provider that helps you manage your Dealership better, expands your business’s reach and increases your conversions.

Super-charge Your Used Car Dealership Business with Our Feature-rich Used Car Dealer Management Software

DealerBeats is a top-notch car dealer software provider that provides best-in-industry used car dealer management software tailored to meet the needs of your business. We at DealerBeats equip used car dealership businesses with multiple tools that help them achieve their sales goals and render them insights that help them create better strategies. Our dealer management software for used car not only helps you organise your business and streamline your operations but also helps you boost your sales by enhancing your reach.

Effective Inventory Management with Automotive Inventory Management Tool

Inventory management is one of the aspects of every business that demands most of your time and resources. In addition to this, factors like warehouse cost, vehicle maintenance as well as overstocking and understocking easily take a toll on your profits and hard-work. But not any more. Our Automotive inventory management software not only helps you take a look at your inventory in a snap but also comes with a search feature that lets you search the items you need in a jiffy.

Inventory Search - Smart Inventory Management for Car Dealerships
Automotive Merchandising - Car Dealer Software Solution

Lasting Relationships with Minimum Efforts with Car Dealership CRM

Every business loses its valuable contacts overtime and used car dealerships are no exception. But imagine if you could convert more leads into customers while keeping your old customers. And that’s why, our car dealer management software for used car dealerships come with powerful car dealership CRM that enables you to manage your old customers and build lasting relationships.   

Strong Web Presence with Responsive Car Dealer Website

Almost everyone conducts a search on Google before making the decision of making a purchase. And if your car dealership is missing from the World Wide Web, you are missing out on loads of opportunities. A responsive car dealer website helps you keep your customers informed about your business 24/7 and enables them to get their hands on all the valuable information crucial for them to reach the decision of making a purchase. 

Responsive Car Dealer Website - used car dealer management software
Manage Contacts - Car Dealer Software Solution

Car Dealership on Fingertips with DMS App

Now get access to all the aspects of your used car dealership and manage your business from your fingertips with our DMS app. At DealerBeats, we believe that businesses of all sizes must get access to top-notch software solutions that can convert more and sell more. In addition to this, applications must make the business operations easy instead of complicating them. Hence, we have designed mobile applications that are not only highly user-friendly but are also extremely efficient and ideal for the effective operation of your business.

Sell More with Partner Integration

Choose from our diverse integration programs for your used car dealership. Our used car dealer software comes equipped with multiple integration programs that not only enable you to climb up to the top of the page but also help you get more leads and boost your sales. Choose from Craigslist, Autotrader, Dealer.com, vAuto, Facebook, eBay, Dealertrack and many more with our used car dealer software solutions. Have another partner you want to get integrated? We’ll do that too!

Google Analytics Insights - Car Dealer Software Solution
Social Media integration - Automotive Digital Marketing

Target Your Audience Better with Car Dealership Marketing Tools

Build a strong social media and web presence with our SEO based car dealership marketing tools. Get your hands on valuable insights about your audience, interact with them, know what’s trending and keep your inventory up-to-date. Not only our marketing tools help you expand your reach but also help you target your audience better, get qualified leads, get more conversions and close more deals. 

Get valuable insights with Google analytics

Keep track of your website visitors and get your hands on all the valuable insights regarding age, gender, location, most clicked pages and learn how your visitors are discovering you and optimise your website. In addition to this, with the help of Google analytics, you can get the insights regarding what’s trending in which area and make tweaks and adjust your business strategy as per the gathered information. 

Manage Better with Dealer Management Mobile App
Car Dealer Software Solutions

Sell More with Automobile Merchandising

Enhance engagement of your leads with the help of automobile merchandising. Automobile merchandising helps you click pictures of the vehicles in your inventory and instantly upload them. In addition to this, it enables you to create customizable buyer guides and window stickers and also enables you to create engaging highlights and vehicle descriptions.

Hassle-free business with Sales Management

From leads to sales, manage everything within one software. With DealerBeats used car dealer software solutions, you don’t have to rely on any other software solution for sales management. Send quotes, track qualified leads, manage conversions and vehicle orders and do so much more our sales management tool. In addition to this, minimize data entry, organise your emails, transform the way you manage your contacts and calls and automate your workflows without any hassle.

Automotive Digital Marketing

Additional Features of Our used Car Dealer Management Software

Social Media Promotion - Car dealership software

Social Media Promotion

Target the right audience to generate the right leads with the help of social media promotion. The biggest benefit of social media promotion is it enables you to target leads that have maximum chances of converting into customers. In addition to this, keep in touch with your previous customers and keep your potential customers updated about diverse deals and new offers.

Marketing tools - Car Dealer Management

Digital Paperwork

We understand that paperwork can easily impose serious challenges in a business. Your manual paperwork not only requires a lot of hard work but also requires a lot of maintenance. Apart from this, losing a single file can result in a nightmare. Hence we have designed digital paperwork so that you can manage all your paperwork and easily access the same without any hassle.

Scheduling - Car Dealer Management

Document Management

Never lose another document ever again with DealerBeats’ document management tool. Document management enables you to save all the important documents in various formats and also helps you manage your media effectively without the need of any other software solution. Our powerful search feature also enables you to find important documents and files in a click, without any hassle.

Run Credit - Car Dealer Software Providers


DealerBeats’ used car dealer software comes equipped with diverse payment modes which enables you to choose the one that best suits your needs. Pick from the most trusted and reliable third party payment providers that protect you data and your privacy so that you can make transactions without any frets and fuss.

Reviews and Ratings - Car Dealer Management

Digital forms

Now collect genuine customer information with minimum spam with DealerBeats’ digital forms. Our digital forms come with validated fields, which minimise the use of false information. In addition to this, your leads and customers receive these forms with just one mouse click.

Photo overlays - Smart Inventory Management for Car Dealerships

Customizable Design Templates

Now make the striking first impression with DealerBeats’ design templates. Design templates equip you with all the tools required to create eye-catching listings that not only help you catch attention but also helps you generate more qualified leads.

Sales Management - Car Dealer Software Providers

Vehicle History

With the help of vehicle history feature, you can stay informed about all the necessary and crucial details required to close the deal. Never miss a fact and never browse piles of files to get the information about any vehicle in your inventory and enhance transparency in your business.

Posting tools - Smart Inventory Management for Car Dealerships

Spare Parts Management

Keep track of each and every part in your inventory and never overstock or understock again. Spare parts management helps you keep your inventory up-to-date with car specific parts and enables you to find every part with the help of powerful search in seconds without any hassle.

How does DealerBeats helps Used Car Dealership Owners?

DealerBeats used car dealer management software solution equips your car dealership with plenty of tools and solutions that help you not only enhance your reach but also help you increase your sales. It equips you with some of the most important tools required for the effective functioning of your business.

  • Inventory Management for Car Dealers
  • DMS App
  • Marketing Tools
  • Used Car Dealership CRM
  • Responsive Car Dealer website
car dealer management app

What Makes DealerBeats an Ideal Used Car Dealer Management Software

The aim of DealerBeats is to make your life easier. We strive to make the used car dealership management as easy as possible. Hence DealerBeats is not only feature-rich but also it is extremely user-friendly. Equipped with features like automotive inventory management, car dealership CRM, desking software and many more, DealerBeats becomes the ideal pick for your used car dealership.


What is automotive inventory management for used cars dealers?

Automotive inventory management for used car dealerships enables owners to effectively organise and manage their inventories. It allows owners to import inventory from various sources, export in diverse file formats, create eye-catching and compelling listings, automobile merchandising and so much more with just one tool. In addition to this, it also comes with a VIN decoder, enables you to check history online and post on various posting tools.

How can a responsive car dealer website help my used car dealership?

Having a website helps you reach more audience in less time. A website helps you build strong online presence and enhances engagement of your target audience. In addition to this, your customers and potential customers can access your website 24/7 which helps you render all the necessary information to them without any hassle. Having a website also helps in building trust and positive reviews on your business’s website helps build credibility.

Is DealerBeats also a Used Car Dealership CRM Software Provider?

Yes! DealerBeats provides best-in-industry used car dealership CRM that not only helps you keep in touch with your customers but also helps you promote your business by helping you keep in touch with your new as well as old customers. While it’s a given fact that every business loses many customers over the time, DealerBeats CRM enables you to form strong relationships that helps you sell more and expand your business.

What is used car DMS App?

Used car DMS app helps you manage your dealership anytime, anywhere. With the help of used car DMS, you can get access to your whole business from your phone. You can reach out to leads, you can manage your inventory, you can use marketing tools, you can manage your posting tools and do so much more right from your fingertips.

Does DealerBeats have a customer support?

Yes! DealerBeats have 24/7 customer support. We are here for your every major and minor queries. Even though the DealerBeats Dealer management software for used car dealerships is highly user-friendly, we ensure all of our customer’s queries are resolved in a given time frame.

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 6 reviews
by Brayden Scott, Alabama on

My car dealer website was full of glitches and was pretty outdated. I chose DealerBeats for revamping my website and they did a wonderful job. My website looks great, it has more features now, its user-friendly and most importantly, its bug-free.

by Maverick Mitchell, Minnesota on

I love how DealerBeats’ car dealer software is extremely user-friendly and helps me save a lot of time. Now I don't have to rely on several software solutions for managing multiple aspects of my business. DealerBeats’ dealer management software has helped me immensely in streamlining my business and reduce cost. Thank you DealerBeats!

by Adrian Martinez, Alaska on

My business used to suffer a lot because of my traveling. I was missing out on leads, customers and several opportunities. But all thanks to DealerBeats’ DMS app, I can take my dealership with me anywhere and take care of all the aspects of my business from my fingertips. 

by Isaiah Phillips, Pennsylvania on

We were struggling with maintaining client relationships and manual entries. Maintaining multiple books just added more and more work. It was a nightmare. But with DealerBeats’ car dealership CRM, things have become so much easier. We are now able to keep in touch with our old customers without any hassle while creating new relationships. 

by Anthony Peterson, Arizona on

The marketing tools of DealerBeats have done wonders for us. Now more and more people know about us, we get more inquiries and we get more conversions. Our sales have gone up and we are super happy with the solution. Thank you!

by Gabriel Russell, California on

After trying many car dealer management software solutions, I finally decided to try DealerBeats, and I must say that I made the right choice. The automotive inventory management tool of DealerBeats is extremely handy and has made my life so much easier. Now I can track my inventory, find anything with the search feature in a snap and I have successfully managed to cut down the cost of inventory management

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