Smart Inventory Management for Car Dealerships

Our smart and contemporary inventory management platform is designed with car dealership owners in mind. This integrated platform will help you centrally manage inventory for vehicles, campaigns, and unify vehicle description and pricing wherever they are displayed online.

Our 360-degree Inventory Management tool for Car Dealerships

Dealerbeats is a web-based automotive dealer management software for independent auto dealerships of all sizes. Manage your work, dealership parts and invoices anytime – anywhere.

Inventory distribution

Streamline your sales and inventory management process by taking control of your inventory and linking it your online advertisements.

Stock locator

Search for the car that users are looking for based on- geolocation, pricing, ongoing campaigns, subscriptions and more. We wireframe, design, and engineer a stock locator solution based on your requirements. This solution integrates seamlessly with your car dealership website and therefore provides a delightful and engaging user experience.

Vehicle details and history

Cars and automobiles are high-value products and therefore assurance, confidence on the commodity and trust are the key parameters that drive a user’s decision. Provide a detailed report on the car and a chronological breakdown of its usage.

Inventory Search

Our Inventory Search solution has been created specifically for automotive and car dealers like you, to ensure your inventory is helping your website meet its maximum potential. Our ultra-modern inventory system has what you need to power your website’s success.

Provide inventory management checklists to prospective car buyers

Stocking a car can be tedious and full of discrepancies. A quick audit with a checklist only takes ten minutes, and it can improve overall dealership efficiency and save resources, too. We hear your problems- and therefore we provide a quick inventory management checklist to stock your cars.

  • Stock Number
  • New or Used
  • Year of manufacture
  • Make
  • Model
  • Body style: Body style is a typical search filter, make sure to include it in every listing.
  • Correct VIN: Your DMS will most likely catch an incorrect VIN, but there’s always room for error with data entry. Always check the entire VIN before you save your listing.
  • Mileage: Never list an estimated vehicle mileage and update the vehicle listing when the vehicle arrives on site. Even-numbered mileage readings stand out like a sore thumb to auditors, and they’re misleading to clients.
  • Color: Forget fancy names like Radiant Cherry or Platinum Ice. Keep it simple and use basic color names like red or white.
  • Photos: Vehicle images can attract car buyers or turn them away. Make sure whoever’s in charge of your dealership’s photos is appropriately trained in automotive photography.
  • Transmission type: Automatic or Manual?
  • Wheels: What kind of tires and rims does this vehicle have?
  • Passenger total: A lot of people, especially parents, search for a vehicle based on the seating capacity.
  • Fuel type: Some car buyers look for a car based on the type of fuel it takes, and not every vehicle requires gas. Remember to update the fuel type if it’s a hybrid, electric, or diesel.
  • Current offers: Do you offer customer loyalty, student, or first-time buyer incentives? It’s smart to include offers in your listings but never forget to update them when they expire. Educated consumers are more trusting of a company that takes the time to keep their information current.

Why DealerBeats?

Why choose Dealerbeats for inventory management for your car dealership.

We help you manage your stock effectively – Our inventory management tool is a unified solution and therefore helps you manage everything on a central dashboard.

We give you the resources to grow sales

Dealerbeats provides an app that lets you scan inventory, upload it your website immediately and ensure quality images. These apps also have beautiful filters to help you upload attractive images of the car. The app also has overlays on the photo that indicate the price, key features, and other marketing messages. We also provide window stickers and buyer guides to help you attract more customers and sales faster.

Trust us with safety and security

We understand your inventory management tool has to be extremely safe from any kind of breach. With a powerful spam detection algorithm at its core, the inventory management tool is totally safe and secure for your car dealership

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