Smart Inventory Management for Car Dealerships

Our smart and contemporary auto dealer inventory management tool is designed with car dealership owners in mind. This integrated platform will help you centrally manage inventory for vehicles, campaigns, and unify vehicle description and pricing wherever they are displayed online.

Our 360-degree Smart Inventory Management tool for Car Dealerships

One software solution that does it all. DealerBeats auto dealer inventory management software is a web-based automotive dealer management software for independent auto dealerships of all sizes. Manage your work, dealership parts, and invoices anytime – anywhere. The dealership inventory management tool lets you import your inventory, merchandise your automobiles, create eye-catching listings and do so much more.

Inventory distribution

Streamline your sales and inventory management process by taking control of your inventory and linking it to your online advertisements. Increase value for your customers, identify loopholes in your process, enhance your opportunities, streamline your departments, grow the efficiency of your inventory and expand your business with our auto dealer inventory management tool’s inventory distribution feature.

Inventory distribution - Smart Inventory Management for Car Dealerships
Stock locator - Smart Inventory Management for Car Dealerships

Stock locator

Manage your inventory count better, avoid overstocking during peak seasons and increase your business’s efficiency with our auto dealer inventory management tool’s effective stock locator feature. Search for the car that users are looking for based on- geolocation, pricing, ongoing campaigns, subscriptions and more. We wireframe, design, and engineer a stock locator solution based on your requirements. This solution integrates seamlessly with your car dealership website and therefore provides a delightful and engaging user experience.

Vehicle details and history

Cars and automobiles are high-value products and therefore assurance, confidence in the commodity and trust are the key parameters that drive a user’s decision. Our smart inventory management tool for car dealerships provide a detailed report on the car and a chronological breakdown of its usage. From past owners to every single detail about the history of the vehicle, stay informed about all the parameters at every stage of the sale and close deals effectively.

Vehicle details and history - Smart Inventory Management for Car Dealerships
Merchandising - Smart Inventory Management for Car Dealerships


At DealerBeats, the aim of our smart inventory management tool for car dealerships is to help you get discovered by your potential customers. Hence our automotive inventory management tool comes equipped with a vehicle merchandising tool that enables you to add content, descriptions, videos, images. This, in turn, helps you market yourself better and get discovered by your target audience and potential customers.

Inventory Search

Empower your business and get access to data in a snap with our powerful inventory search feature. Get all the insights about your inventory and access information within seconds. Our smart inventory management tool for car dealerships has been created specifically for automotive and car dealers like you, to ensure your inventory is helping your website meet its maximum potential. Our ultra-modern dealership inventory management tool has what you need to power your business’s success.

Inventory Search - Smart Inventory Management for Car Dealerships
Easy Exporting - Smart Inventory Management for Car Dealerships

Easy Exporting

Our automotive inventory management for car dealers feature allows you to export your inventory effectively in various formats. With the help of DealerBeats, now export your inventory without any hassle into pdf documents, slides, or text files. Choose from diverse arrangements and pick formats available for various sizes, cost, efficiency, and description. We aim to make your data more accessible and make the process fuss-free.

Listings creation

Our smart inventory management  tool for car dealerships help you create listings that catch the eye of your potential customers and leads. Now grab the attention of your target audience and get more leads and calls in your auto dealership with our dealership inventory management tool. We at DealerBeats understand the marketplace and we also understand how compelling listings make all the difference in driving customers. Hence we equip you with the best-in-industry auto dealer inventory management tool required to stand out among your competitors and cut through the clutter effectively. 

Listings creation - Smart Inventory Management for Car Dealerships
Desking Management Software: Dealer Management Software System

Inventory Management

DealerBeats enables you to you multitask. We equip you with tools that help you manage your inventory from any part of the world. Hence we have tailored the automotive inventory management tool in such a manner that it helps you access and manage your inventory anytime, from anywhere without any hassle. Now you don’t have to stay tied to your business anymore and you can effectively manage your business without any hassle with our dealer inventory management tool.

VIN Decoder

Bring transparency to your business with VIN Decoder. We help your customers make the right choice by enabling them to look up the identification number of the vehicle. We render hassle-free access to all the information to your customers by providing them with accurate information regarding manufacturing options which include engine specifications, framework, body, color and many more.

Smart spare parts management - Car Dealer Software Providers
Smart accounting - Car Dealer Software Providers

Digital paperwork

At DealerBeats, we understand how frustrating it is to manually maintain all the paperwork and even after that, ending up losing an important document. Hence at DealerBeats, we have included the feature of digital paperwork. Never lose another important document ever again and get access to all the information in one place without any fuss and frets.

Provide Inventory Management Checklists to Prospective Car Buyers

Stocking a car can be tedious and full of discrepancies. A quick audit with a checklist only takes ten minutes, and it can improve overall dealership efficiency and save resources, too. We hear your problems- and therefore we provide a quick inventory management checklist to stock your cars. With the help of this information, you can maintain transparency at every stage of the sale and check off the factors meeting the criteria without any confusion quickly and effectively. This not only helps you pass on the correct information to your customers but also helps you stay informed about every major to minor information during the sales process.

  • Stock Number
  • New or Used
  • Year of manufacture
  • Make
  • Model
  • Body style: Body style is a typical search filter, make sure to include it in every listing.
  • Correct VIN: Your DMS will most likely catch an incorrect VIN, but there’s always room for error in data entry. Always check the entire VIN before you save your listing.
  • Mileage: Never list an estimated vehicle mileage and update the vehicle listing when the vehicle arrives on site. Even-numbered mileage readings stand out like a sore thumb to auditors, and they’re misleading to clients.
  • Color: Forget fancy names like Radiant Cherry or Platinum Ice. Keep it simple and use basic color names like red or white.
  • Photos: Vehicle images can attract car buyers or turn them away. Make sure whoever’s in charge of your dealership’s photos is appropriately trained in automotive photography.
  • Transmission type: Automatic or Manual?
  • Wheels: What kind of tires and rims does this vehicle have?
  • Passenger total: A lot of people, especially parents, search for a vehicle based on the seating capacity.
  • Fuel type: Some car buyers look for a car based on the type of fuel it takes, and not every vehicle requires gas. Remember to update the fuel type if it’s a hybrid, electric, or diesel.
  • Current offers: Do you offer customer loyalty, student, or first-time buyer incentives? It’s smart to include offers in your listings but never forget to update them when they expire. Educated consumers are more trusting of a company that takes the time to keep their information current.

Why Choose DealerBeats?

There are several reasons that make DealerBeats a top-notch inventory management tool for car dealers. We at DealerBeats are committed to your success. We ensure you get the best-in-industry services at highly competitive prices. With our automotive inventory management tool, we help you manage your inventory effectively from any part of the world, without any hassle.

We help you manage your stock effectively – Our inventory management tool is a unified solution and therefore helps you manage everything on a central dashboard. Get access to everything in one place and keep track of your inventory effectively. With the help of our automotive inventory management tool, you can avoid overstocking and understocking and cut down your warehouse cost effectively.

We give you the resources to grow sales – DealerBeats provides an app that lets you scan inventory, upload it to your website immediately and ensure quality images. These apps also have beautiful filters to help you upload attractive images of the car. The app also has overlays on the photo that indicate the price, key features, and other marketing messages. We also provide window stickers and buyer guides to help you attract more customers and sell faster.

Trust us with safety and security – We understand your inventory management tool has to be extremely safe from any kind of breach. With a powerful spam detection algorithm at its core, the inventory management tool is totally safe and secure for your car dealership. At DealerBeats, we understand the value of your privacy and safety and hence we render you tools that are 100% safe and secure and protect your data from cyber threats.

We promote transparency – At DealerBeats, we believe in maintaining transparency. Hence we share each and every major as well as minor details with you so that you stay informed throughout the process in order to avoid nasty surprises in the end. In addition to this, we help you maintain transparency in your business with your customers as well as across departments in order to help you optimize your process and maximize customer retention.

We provide 24/7 support – We at DealerBeats understand that you should be focusing more on sales instead of learning how to operate the software. You should be doing what brings customers to your business. With the aim of helping you grow and expand, we at DealerBeats provide 24/7 customer support for your every big or small query.

Accurate pricing – We at DealerBeats render best-in-industry software at highly cost-effective prices. We conduct business with our clients with absolute transparency and provide high-quality solutions and top-notch services at most reasonable prices.

Additional Features of Our Automotive Inventory Management tool

In addition to all the features listed above, DealerBeats is equipped with more features in order to help you manage your inventory effectively without any hassle. We ensure seamless management of your inventory and hence we have equipped our inventory management tool for car dealers with maximum features possible

Window Stickers - Smart Inventory Management for Car Dealerships

Window Stickers

With the help of window stickers, we help your dealership catch the attention of as many people as possible. We understand the value of your business’s branding and hence we provide window stickers to help your brand stand out with the unique window stickers.

Statistics - Car Dealer Management

Expense tracking

Our automotive inventory management tool comes equipped with an expense tracking system that allows you to get all the insights regarding fuel consumption cost, maintenance, etc, which helps you calculate net profit on a vehicle without any hassle.

Reviews and Ratings - Car Dealer Management


With the help of our accurate and high-quality reports, you get easy access to all the necessary insights crucial for your business. We at DealerBeats aim for 100% transparency and customer satisfaction and we provide reports full of information chunks important for a car dealership.

Posting tools - Smart Inventory Management for Car Dealerships

Posting tools

With the help of our posting tool, you can easily post on online posting platforms like Craigslist, Facebook, Autotrader, eBay, etc all from one place. Choose from a wide range of options and post without any hassle and stand out on these platforms with our unique filters to attract more leads and enhance sales.

Photo overlays - Smart Inventory Management for Car Dealerships

Photo overlays

Take your advertising to the next level with our photo overlays. Edit, add contrast, enhance brightness, crop, adjust, resize and so much more. Edit the pictures of your inventory like a pro and easily cut through the clutter.


What is inventory management for car dealers?

Inventory management tool for car dealers helps dealership owners manage their inventories without any hassle. The automotive inventory management helps dealers to avoid overstocking as well as understocking and enables them to keep track of their inventory effectively without any hassle.

What are the benefits of using an automotive inventory management tool?

The automotive inventory management tool helps you access and manage your inventory from anywhere, anytime. In addition to this, the tool helps you cut down on warehouse costs by optimizing your process and helps you save time by letting you access crucial data for your business easily and effectively.

What are some features of the inventory management tool for car dealers?

The inventory management tool comes equipped with several features. These features include inventory distribution, stock locator, vehicle history, merchandising, photo overlay, posting tools, reports, digital paperwork, VIN decoder, inventory search, expense tracking, window stickers, exporting tools, listings creation and many more.

What are some features of the inventory management tool for car dealers?

The inventory management tool comes equipped with several features. These features include inventory distribution, stock locator, vehicle history, merchandising, photo overlay, posting tools, reports, digital paperwork, VIN decoder, inventory search, expense tracking, window stickers, exporting tools, listings creation and many more.

Is DealerBeats inventory management for car dealers scalable and cost-effective?

Yes, absolutely! Doesn’t matter the size of your inventory, DealerBeats can manage it all. That too at highly competitive prices! We at DealerBeats have a mission to empower small business owners and entrepreneurs and hence we render all the tools and scalable solutions at highly competitive prices.

Who can use DealerBeats’ automotive inventory management tool?

DealerBeats’ automotive inventory management tool can be used by used car dealerships as well as new car dealerships. Whether you are a small car dealership or a large enterprise, the tool takes care of all the needs of a car dealership businesses of varying sizes.

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 6 reviews
by Alfred Sanders, New Jersey on

I always wanted to use an inventory management tool for car dealers but didn’t know where to start. I have never felt comfortable with technology and I was quite skeptical about investing in the same. But I must admit that I made the right choice. DealerBeats’ automotive inventory management tool is extremely simple to use and all the features are really powerful. Not only it has made the management easier but it has also helped me cut down on the cost.

by Gabriel Powell, Kansas on

DealerBeats is truly a blessing for dealership owners looking for automotive inventory management tool for Used Cars. I can create eye-catching listings, I can manage my inventory better, I can search for anything I want in my inventory and get the results within seconds. This tool has made my life so much easier and I can’t praise this tool enough. Thank you DealerBeats.

by Thomas Gonzalez, Vermont on

There was a time when I had to rely on my employees and tons of paperwork for major and minor details of my car inventory. Now with the help of DealerBeats, I don’t have to rely on other components for getting access to car history and other details. Not only DealerBeats helps me stay updated throughout the sales process but it also helps me gain access to insights crucial for closing the deal.

by Robert Parker, Oregon on

I cannot thank DealerBeats’ automotive inventory management tool enough. Now I don’t have to manually check every single car in my inventory. With its powerful search feature, I can get access to my inventory in seconds, without going through all the paperwork. Thank you DealerBeats!

by Creed Barnes, Connecticut on

DealerBeats inventory management for car dealers has helped our dealership cut down on the warehouse cost. It was shocking to see the scope of savings and how much we were spending on warehouse maintenance. Thanks to DealerBeats, we are saving a lot of money. Kudos!

by Mason Wright, West Virginia on

With DealerBeats’ automotive inventory management tool, I can manage my inventory anytime and from anywhere. All thanks to DealerBeats, my business doesn’t suffer because of my traveling and meetings. Keep up the great work people behind DealerBeats!

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