Small used car dealer software for better leads and elevating sales.

Small used car dealer software by DealerBeats helps you boost your reach, makes your business more discoverable, helps you generate better leads and increases your conversions.

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  • 25+ Third-party Integrations
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Help your business thrive with DealerBeats’ Small Used Car Dealer Software

Are you a small car dealership owner struggling with the modern methods and the changing markets? Are traditional methods of doing business taking a toll on your vehicle sales? Then DealerBeats dealer management system is the solution that can help your business not only survive in the competitive market but also thrive. DealerBeats come equipped with dozens of tools that not only help you with various departments of your dealership but also render tons of benefits from the business perspective. DealerBeats helps you enhance your reach, helps your business become more discoverable and visible, helps you promote your inventory on diverse platforms effectively and enables you to boost your business by generating better leads and customers.

Key Highlights of Our Small Used Car Dealer Software

Need tools to boost your conversions? Look no further. DealerBeats dealer management system comes equipped with tons of tools that assist you with your daily tasks and also help you give a boost to your business.

Credit Score Software Integration

Now make better and informed decisions by checking the credit score of your customers with credit score software integration. Our car dealer software allows you to integrate this software so that you can get your hands on all the valuable information about your customers such as debts, payment history, types of credit, credit history age, number of credit inquiries, etc. 

Manage Contacts - Car Dealer Software Solution
Google Analytics Insights - Car Dealer Software Solution

Vendor Management

Managing vendors cannot become anymore easy. DealerBeats car dealership software offers you top-notch tools that help you manage all your vendors from one place so that you can focus on your car dealership, leads, customers and sales. Now manage your third-party service providers such as delivery agencies, pickup agencies, towing agencies and many more without any hassle and frets and save more time.

Looking for ways to keeping in touch with your old customers? Looking for strategies that can help you maximize customer retention? Then we have a solution for you. Now form better and long-term relationships with your customers, get complete insights about their concerns and queries, know their needs and their expectations and provide quick resolutions and better customer services with our automotive CRM.

Manage Better with Dealer Management Mobile App
Move Your Metal - Car Dealership Software Solutions

Almost every car dealership struggles with the challenge of overstocking and understocking. Almost every dealership faces the issue of rising warehouse costs and maintenance costs. Our inventory management tool can help you combat both the challenges by increasing the visibility of your stock, helping you track all the items in your inventory effectively and enabling you stock better by keeping you informed.

Lead & Deal Management

Most businesses’ effective marketing and SEO strategies get them leads, but most times, due to the use of traditional and outdated methods, businesses lose these valuable leads and fail to keep in touch with them. Result? A lost potential customer that probably goes to their competitor. Hence a lead and deal management tool helps you track your leads, keep in touch with them and makes the process of handling them easy. 

Desking Management Software: Dealer Management Software System
Customizable Design Templates - Craigslist Posting for Car Dealers

Almost everyone owns a smartphone these days and performs a quick google search before making a purchase. Having a website helps you make your small car dealership business become more visible across the web and also makes it more accessible and discoverable with car dealership websites. In addition to this, having a clean, crisp and highly functional website can help you make a powerful first impression on your visitors and the information on your website can help them stay informed about your business.

Marketing tools

Help your business reach its full potential by promoting it with DealerBeats marketing tools. Our marketing tools comprise of digital marketing, search engine optimization, content marketing, Google analytics, social media promotion, and integration, social media marketing and so much more than not only help your business reach more audience but also help in generating qualified leads.

Build trust and strong presence with Branding - Craigslist Posting for Car Dealers

Additional Features of Car Dealership Software

DealerBeats is a one-stop car dealership software solution that aims to do it all. Hence it comes packed with additional features to ease your daily tasks.

Run Credit - Car Dealer Software Providers

Budget Management

Now manage your budget effectively and avoid surprises at the end of the month by harnessing the power of our budget management tool.

Reviews and Ratings - Car Dealer Management

Contact Management

Several businesses suffer because of poor contact management tools and outdated techniques. But with DealerBeats, you can manage all your contacts and access them in a snap without any hassle.

Marketing tools - Car Dealer Management

Accounting Tools

No matter how precise you are, there is always room for human errors. With DealerBeats accounting tools, you can manage your accounts and minimize errors effectively.

Sales Management - Car Dealer Software Providers

Statistics and Reports

Get all the insights about the performance of your business with the help of statistics and reports and get the information about the areas in your business that require your immediate attention.

Push Notifications - Car Dealer Management

Push Notifications

Keep in touch with your customers and enhance engagement by keeping them informed about your offerings, deals, and discounts.

Statistics - Car Dealer Management

Advanced Search Feature

With our powerful search feature, forget the frustration of manually searching items and find things in a jiffy by entering keywords and hitting enter.

Simplify the management of your car dealership and get more qualified leads by enhancing your reach

The aim behind DealerBeats was to make the management of car dealerships as easy as it can be. Hence we provide all the features required to assist you with the daily tasks and also, the features required to help you boost your sales.

  • Enhanced visibility
  • Simplified and automated processes
  • Better reach
  • More conversions
Export inventory in various formats using Inventory Management

Benefits of Using DealerBeats’ Small Used Car Dealer Software

DealerBeats auto dealer software not only makes your day to day tasks easy but also makes offers several diverse benefits that help you with close more deals and enhance your sales

We get your inventory on best marketplaces

From Craigslist to vAuto, from Facebook to Autotrader, we put your inventory on some of the best market places that help you drive more traffic to your listings.

We simplify billing and accounting

Our best-in-class accounting tools and Quickbooks integrations help you simplify the process of billing and accounting.

We help you target your audience better

With the help of social media marketing, a strong digital marketing strategy, and Google analytics, we help you target your audience better.

We increase your business’s visibility on the web

With the help of social media promotion, car dealership websites, eye-catching website themes, and search engine optimization, we help you become more visible on the web.

Why Choose DealerBeats’ Dealer Management System

Are you a small car dealership owner looking for a software solution loaded with features that can help you do it all? Are you looking for a solution that will not only assist you but also will help you in boosting your business? Equipped with tons of tools and features designed specifically to do the heavy lifting for you, DealerBeats becomes the ideal pick for all your small used car dealership needs.

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What is a small used car dealer software?

A small used car dealer software or a car dealership software aims to simplify the daily operations of a car dealership by optimizing processes, helping owners with daily management and automating redundant tasks.

What are the features of an ideal small used car dealer software?

An ideal small used car dealer software comes equipped with several features such as inventory management tool, partner integration, automotive CRM, accounting tools, sales management tools, software integrations, photo overlay, lead and deal management tool, custom forms, push notifications, vendor management tool, desking management tool and so much more.

What is a lead and deal management tool?

A lead and deal management tool that comes with car dealership software helps you manage the whole complete process that takes place between lead generation and conversion. From keeping track of the lead to keeping in touch with them, from pitching your products to tracking deals, lead and deal management tools help you manage all the aspects without any hassle.

What is photo overlay in dealer management systems?

Photo overlay feature allows car dealership owners to personalize their inventory by enabling them to put their logo, their contact details, their names, dealership address, website URL and so much more on the enhanced pictures of their inventory.

How can inventory management tools help me reduce operational costs of my car dealership?

Most car dealerships either understock or overstock. When dealership owners understock, it means losing customers. When they overstock, it means an increase in maintenance cost and warehouse prices. But with inventory management tools, managing inventory becomes easy. The tool helps you track all the items in your inventory, provides greater visibility to all the items and helps you make informed decisions which again, helps in reducing the cost.

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