Responsive Car Dealership Website Design to Grow your Business

Look like an expert from the point users discover you – we present your idea in a beautiful and extremely functional way.

We design and build the best-in-class car dealership websites

We at DealerBeats create websites that make memorable first impressions. No matter what kind of car dealer website design you need – DealerBeats can help you stand out with its experience, expertise, and creative thinking! Our auto dealer website designs are not only high-quality but also follow the latest design trends that help you shine among your competitors.

Visually pleasing and extremely functional

A glitchy website can easily send your potential customers away from your business. The first impression makes or breaks the deal for you – and we totally get that! We hear you. We use the latest design trends and make it extremely easy for your users to navigate through the website. Each visual is carefully crafted to appeal to your user and the websites designed by us are highly user-friendly that ensure seamless user experience.
Visually pleasing and extremely functional - Responsive Car Dealer Website Design
Responsive across all platforms - Responsive Car Dealer Website Design

Responsive across all platforms

It doesn’t matter which device you use, our car dealer website looks amazing and works equally fantastic on all devices. This means you only have to invest in designing and building your website once. We test and preview how your website will appear on a range of screen sizes and ensure your website loads without any bugs on all devices. Your website not only works perfectly on desktop but also works seamlessly on mobile devices, tabs, and watches.

Safe and secure

We build car dealer website with your security in mind. We provide SSL encryption for your website that not only helps you rank better on Google but also protects the information of your users. In addition to this, we only integrate trusted and respected third party payment gateway providers such as PayPal and Worldpay. We take the protection of your data and transactions very seriously and hence the responsive car dealership website we create is equipped with only those features that ensure your safety on the web.
Safe and secure - Responsive Car Dealer Website Design
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SEO optimized and AMP compliant

The website architecture is designed in a way that makes it easy for Google to crawl. Our team of SEO experts team up with developers to build fast websites while keeping your search performance in mind. At DealerBeats, we understand that ranking on Google matters – a lot. And that’s why our websites are AMP compliant that makes it easy to load on mobile and hence gets preferred by Google crawlers, which makes it easy for your website to rank on Google.

Social media friendly

Connecting your car dealer website to your social media pages is extremely important. Not only a strong presence on social media increases your visibility, but it also helps in establishing trust, indicates your activeness, helps you gain a following, increases your interactions with your customers, helps you solve their queries and most importantly, helps you climb up the ranks on Google. All our used car dealer website designs and auto dealer website designs are social media friendly. 

Social media friendly - Responsive Car Dealer Website Design
Flexible and scalable - Responsive Car Dealer Website Design

Flexible and scalable

One of the best features of our responsive car dealership website design is that the websites designed by us grow with your business. Not only we incorporate all the features desired by you on your website but also we create solutions that grow with your business. At GammaStack, we believe every idea should be dealt with accuracy with an extremely tailored approach. Our designers work with you closely to design expandable elements and sections in the most flexible and scalable way so that you can enhance and update your website as per your requirements.

Play nice with third party integrations

The car dealer responsive websites we design come with built-in integrations, so that you don’t have to navigate an app marketplace or install any plugins. We can alter and customize these integrations based on your requirements. We offer dozens of integrations, including Getty Images, Unsplash, Eventbrite, Disqus, PayPal, OpenTable, Google Maps, and more. In addition to this, we also provide third party payment gateway integrations so that your customers can make transactions without any hassle.

Third party integrations - Responsive Car Dealer Website Design

Additional features of Responsive Car Dealership Website Design

Responsive Dealer Websites

Eye-catching Banners

Your website banners can help you make a powerful first impression. Showcase your inventory, target your customers, display new offers and increase conversions with your website’s banners and catch the attention of your leads.


Real-time chat

Never miss a lead with our real-time chat. Get all the details of interested visitors, reach out and keep in touch. With real-time chat, you can resolve your customer’s queries, provide better customer service, build trust and stay one step ahead.

Craigslist Posting Tool Car Dealer Software

Powerful Searches

With our powerful search feature, your customers can easily find the information they are looking for about your business on your website. Keep your customers as well as potential customers informed and help them learn more about you.

Easy Navigation - Responsive Car Dealer Website Design

Easy Navigation

The car dealership website also comes with easy navigation which helps you, your leads and customers to navigate easily across your website. Allow your users to navigate seamlessly with our used car dealer website design and auto dealer website design.

Document Management Car Dealer Software

Image and Video Gallery

With our image and video gallery, you can display your fresh inventory, your special offerings, your deals and discounts, and your happy clients. Not only showing images and videos helps you showcase your inventory to your prospects but also helps in building trust.

Statistics - Car Dealer Software

User-friendly interfaces

Your customers will spend more time on your website when your websites are easy to use. Hence the car dealer responsive websites we design are not only clean and crisp but are also user-friendly.

Our core ideology behind building a responsive car dealership website

No matter what kind of car dealer website design you need – we help you stand out with our years of experience, expertise, and creative thinking! We create websites that are not only visually appealing but are also highly functional. The responsive car dealer website designed by us comply with modern design rules and are developed by highly skilled developers.
Social Media Promotion - Car dealership software

We keep your customers in mind while building your website

The core fundamental at DealerBeats is to put ourselves in the shoes of your users. It shouldn’t be difficult for a website visitor to find what they’re looking for on your site. With modern designs and user-friendly interfaces, users have no reason to put up with complex website navigation and hence we ensure your website renders a seamless user experience to maximise retention.

We create purposeful visuals. We believe in show - don’t tell

We create purposeful visuals. We believe in show - don’t tell

Visuals not only help in breaking up the written content, but they can also provide a deeper explanation without the use of text. Instead of explaining things to your website visitors, we simply show them what you want to convey. Visuals help your visitors grasp complex information quickly and make that piece of information memorable. After all, a picture is worth a 1000 words!

Push Notifications - Car Dealer Management

Design your primary call-to-action clear and obvious

We strongly believe that CTAs should not be buried somewhere on the website. They need to be big, bold, powerful, and clearly stand out. This improves your conversion by multiple folds and hence gets you more business.

Our responsive car dealership website design has three defining features -

Here are some of the features that make the car dealership website compatible with every device. Not only the websites designed by us are built on latest frameworks but also they comply with W3C standards.

Media queries

Media queries play a crucial role when it comes to car dealer website development. Media queries allow designers to leverage condition checks and modify web designs based on the user’s device properties. These condition checks are based on device’s resolution and hence give designers and developers the freedom to create websites that work on every device irrespective of the resolution. Defining media queries is a way better approach over defining breakpoints in the HTML/CSS, as it’s a more tailored experience for the user.

Flexible grids

When flexible CSS grids are used, the grid contents automatically rearrange themselves to fit the size of the screen or browser window. This means, your website won’t be completely altered but optimised as per the devices. Whether the user is on a 21-inch desktop computer, a 13-inch laptop, a 9.7-inch tablet, or a 5.5-inch mobile phone, your website will render seamlessly across all devices.

Flexible visuals

We use code snippets that prevent rich media files from exceeding the dimensions of their containers as well as the viewports. Hence doesn’t matter the size of your media, it will fit perfectly in the containers created by our designers and developers. This functionality allows car dealerships to create timeless designs capable of adapting to any device, regardless of its size or shape.

Why responsive car dealer website is better than an adaptive website?

There are a number of other reasons why responsive websites are way better than adaptive websites. Some of these are as follows:
Responsive car dealer websites are more flexible than adaptive ones

Responsive car dealer websites are more flexible than adaptive ones

One of the major drawbacks of adaptive design is that they don’t always display the best results for a wide variety of screen sizes. While responsive site designs are guaranteed to work well on any screen size, adaptive designs only work on as many screens as its layouts are able to. So if a new device with a new screen size is released, you may find out that none of your adaptive layouts fit with it well. And that means you will have to edit them or add a new one. Responsive sites are flexible and automatic adjust themselves as per the new device, but adaptive sites are likely need some occasional maintenance.

Responsive car dealer websites load faster

Adaptive website layouts have to load all possible layouts while responsive car dealer websites have to load just one layout that works on all platforms. This decreases the loading speed of the car dealer websites drastically. A responsive website, on the other hand, is created in such a way that it automatically loads and adjusts itself as per the screen resolution of the device. Not only this helps in increasing the speed dramatically but it also ensures that the layouts are rendered without any glitches.
Responsive car dealer websites load faster
Why is a catchy car dealer website design important?

Why is a catchy car dealer website design important?

If given 15 mins to absorb information, 85% of the people would prefer to visually collect information instead of reading long PDFs and manuals. Not only a media rich and visually appealing website makes a powerful first impression but also makes your brand memorable. When people find your website easy to use, they come back to your car dealer website again and again.
  • It makes your brand memorable
  • It establishes trust with your target audience and maintains transparency
  • A website helps your business stand out and gives your business more personality and character.
  • It helps you communicate your vision and your mission with your audience.
  • It’s the best way to engage with your users

Why choose DealerBeats for creating responsive car dealer websites?

The basic aim of building a website is to convert visitors into customers. A host of factors including placement of primary call-to-action (CTA), the color of the CTA, trust factors, benefit-oriented approach and more account for higher conversion rates. Our team of experienced marketers and subject experts have a major role to play in optimizing your car dealer website.
By using an integrated car dealership software instead of a dozen software, you don’t have to switch between multiple software which makes the process of operating your business and managing your data easy. We assure to save a minimum of one hour a day for the admin so that you can focus on what really matters for your business.
We at DealerBeats ensure that your website complies with the latest and modern design trends. This makes sure that your designs look and feel contemporary and appealing. Not only this helps your business cut through the clutter, but also the modern and distinct look helps your business stand out. Millennials today are using hundreds of other websites and have elevated expectations from a good website. We make sure we have got you covered!
Experience is all that makes the difference. It sets apart Amazon from a basic online marketplace and Airbnb from a local travel app. We make sure that the interface of your website is highly intuitive and user friendly so that your users can navigate through your website without any hassle. When your website is easy to use, it helps you in retaining your users.
When your website complies with the SEO practices, it puts you at an advantage. When your website follows the SEO practices recommended by SEO experts, it helps you rank better on google. And when your website ranks better, it helps you gain more leads, which boosts your sales.


Why should I invest in responsive car dealer website?

When you have a website, your business becomes visible to your customers as well as your potential customers. In recent times, having a strong online presence is a must. Since everyone checks google before making a purchase and investments, having a car dealership website not only makes your business discoverable but also helps you in getting leads. In addition to this, a website helps you establish trust among your customers, helps you rank better on Google, helps you maximise your reach, helps you keep your customers informed, enables you to provide better customer service and also helps you increase your sales.

How DealerBeats builds a car dealership website?

In order to build a car dealership website that meets all the requirement of your business, we first take your idea and create a blueprint. The blueprints are also known as wireframes. After finalising wireframes, we move to designs. Our team of designers create eye-catching and visually appealing designs that align with modern design trends. After the designs are finalised, we move to bring the designs to life. We get started with the development which is then followed by thorough testing across various devices. We ensure your website loads smoothly across all devices and functions well without any glitches.

What features can I expect in my car dealership website?

The car dealership websites designed by us are packed with features. The websites designed by us contain menus, hero-area, inventory sections, image and video gallery, easy navigation, usable contact forms, user-friendly interfaces and so much more.

Will my website work on all the devices?

Yes, it will. The best thing about responsive websites is that they load on multiple devices without any glitches. Whether you are using an Android phone or an iOS phone, whether you are using a laptop, a desktop or a tablet, your website will load effortlessly and will work seamlessly across all devices.

I need a website but don’t know how I should get started. What can I do?

If you need a responsive website that aligns with modern design trends, thats made with latest frameworks, has ideal loading time, and that’s glitch and bug free, then DealerBeats has got you covered. You can contact us to know more.

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by Charles Collins, Maryland on

I am really happy with my car dealership website design. My old website was quite outdated and I knew I had to revamp it. After trying many companies, I stumbled upon DealerBeats. Now my car dealer website looks modern and is way much easier to use. My visitors spend more time on my website and my leads have also increased. Many thanks to people behind DealerBeats!

by Ethan Nelson, New York on

I can’t thank DealerBeats enough. With the help of the car dealer website they designed for me, I am getting more leads for my business. Now I don’t have to invest time in resolving customer queries since all the information is available on my responsive car dealership website and now, I can finally focus on sales.

by William Hill, Illinois on

Being a person from a non-technical background, I was always skeptical about having a website. After a long time, I finally decided to give it a shot and I must say my decision was right. All thanks to DealerBeats, I got my car dealer website designed and my traffic also increased drastically, all thanks to their SEO services. Thank you DealerBeats!

by Kiril Morris on

We were looking for Car Dealership software providers. We needed someone who can develop us a responsive car dealer website for our automotive dealership business. And DealerBeats, proved to be the best business for us. We were amazed at their work.

by Goran Slade on

The type of response we get from DealerBeats is worth sharing. We called them to share our requirements and they patiently listens to our queries related car dealership management software. DealerBeats delivered us a beautiful car website design.

by Ivica Richmond on

DealerBeats has worked beyond our expectations and fulfilled our requirements as per our choices. We are really happy to choose DealerBeats as our business partner for they are best Car Dealership CRM Software Providers. We are a happy customer.

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