Simplify operations and automate tasks with DealerBeats’ dealer management system

DealerBeats’ dealer management system helps you with every aspect of the car dealership business. From better inventory management to efficient marketing tools, from automotive CRM to partner integrations, DealerBeats’ dealer management car dealer software does it all!

  • Greater visibility
  • Optimised processes
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Simplified inventory management

Optimise your processes and Boost Productivity with DealerBeats’ Dealer Management System

An organised system is crucial for managing business processes and business data. The more you equip your employees and salespeople with efficient data, the better your business will perform. Hence at DealerBeats, we offer you the best cloud based dealership management software that comes with several tools that help you optimise your processes, manage your business better, boost productivity of your employees and increase leads as well as sales.

Key Highlights of Our Car Dealership Software

We at DealerBeats offer one of the most comprehensive and feature loaded auto dealer software that helps you address and rectify several challenges while boosting your conversions and closing rates

Partner Integration for Amplified Online Presence

Partner integration allows you to post your inventory on several platforms like craigslist, facebook, vAuto,, eBay etc. These platforms receive traffic in millions each month and help you attract potential customers. When you post your inventory on diverse platforms, it helps you establish credibility and increase your business’s online presence. At DealerBeats, we also provide on-demand custom partner integrations for your business’s needs.

Car dealership website analytics for your Automotive Dealership software
Social Media integration - Automotive Digital Marketing

Content Marketing for Building trust

Content marketing helps you provide value to your customers, educate them and help you resolve their queries and questions with the help of blogs and articles. When you have a content marketing strategy in place, it helps you build long-term relationships with your clients and also establishes trust and credibility. In addition to this, content marketing offers higher ROI, helps you promote your business effectively and allows you to reach larger target audience.

Branding Tools for Enhanced Brand Awareness

People are always more inclined towards buying from a brand. Hence at DealerBeats, we equip your business with branding tools. Branding tools give your business more personality and character. These tools allow you project your business as a brand and help you establish trust among your target audience. When people see your business’s logo repeatedly, not only it helps in boosting brand recognition but also enhances brand awareness. This helps you attract more leads and customers and also increases your sales.

Google Analytics Insights - Car Dealer Software Solution
CRM for Car Dealers: Used Car Dealership software

Sales management for Organized Information

Arm your sales team with accurate data, empower your sales process and boost your closing rates with DealerBeats sales management tool. Sales management tool helps you organize your sales data, allows you to manage your customers and leads better and provides you valuable insights with analytics. In addition to this, it simplifies your emails, phone calls, enhances teamwork of your sales team and eliminates room for errors and confusion.

Car Dealership Websites for Enhanced Visibility

Whether you are a small used dealership or a large new car dealership, a car dealership website is a must. Not only a car dealership website helps you get discovered by your customers but also helps educate them about your business, gives a boost to your marketing strategy, increases credibility and your business’s visibility as well as helps you get your hands on your leads contact information. In addition to this, it helps you gain a better customer base and positive reviews from your existing customers help in establishing trust.

Responsive across all platforms - Responsive Car Dealer Website Design
Manage Better with Dealer Management Mobile App

Marketing tools for Effective Promotion

Business with proper marketing strategies in place thrive in the industry. And that’s why, we at DealerBeats equip you with all the marketing tools that are required for the effective promotion of your business. We equip you with responsive car dealership websites and render top-notch digital marketing, SEO, Google analytics, content marketing, social media marketing and social media campaign related services to empower your business and enhance your customer base.

Inventory Management for Cutting Down Costs

Several dealerships suffer from the challenge of overstocking and understocking. Understocking translates to customer disappointments and tarnished relationships while overstocking translates to increased warehouse costs. Hence at DealerBeats, we help you remove both the roadblocks by equipping you with inventory management tool that helps you gain clearer visibility of your stock and enables you to effectively track your inventory. Inventory management tool hence cuts down your maintenance and warehouse cost and allows you to stock better.

Automotive Inventory Management that imports inventory from multiple sources.
Valuable Insights with Analytics - Car Dealer Software Solution

Digital Paperwork for Minimized Errors

Human errors are inevitable. There is always a possibility of errors when you are using traditional methods and outdated software solutions for your paperwork. But not anymore. We at DealerBeats provide top-notch tools for keeping your paperwork digital so that there are no rooms for errors and all your paperwork is safe. Now store all the crucial data in diverse formats and get access to them with the help of powerful search feature in a jiffy. 

Automobile Merchandising for Better Promotion

Looking for effective ways to get discovered by potential buyers? Want ways to convince your leads to visit your car dealership? Then the automobile merchandising tool can help you achieve your goals. With the help of the automobile merchandising tool, we help you boost your marketing and advertising campaigns, build persuasive content for your website and enhance your customer interaction. These factors not only attract prospects to your car dealership but also help you convert them better. 

Marketing Tools - Auto Dealer Software

Additional Features of Our Car Dealer Software

DealerBeats is packed with features that help you reduce cost, automate processes and boost sales. Apart from all the key features, DealerBeats also comes with additional features so that you don’t have to rely on other software solutions for the management of your car dealership

Window Stickers - Smart Inventory Management for Car Dealerships

Craigslist Posting Tool

Our Craigslist posting tool comes equipped with all the features that help you get to the top. Gain attention with our custom design templates and never get flagged again.

Flexible Scheduling - Craigslist Posting for Car Dealers

Credit Checks

Get all the credit reports and save them for the respective contacts without any hassle. Stay informed during the entire sales process and make informed decisions.

Run Credit - Car Dealer Software Providers

Buy Here Pay Here

Now keep track of your finances and loans from one place and maintain transparency with our buy here pay here tool. Manage loan modifications, dates and payments without any frets.

Reviews and Ratings - Car Dealer Management

Automated Processes

Our auto dealer software helps you do more by allowing you to automate redundant processes that occupy most of your time. This not only helps you save time but also helps you minimize human errors.

Multiple Ads Management - Craigslist Posting for Car Dealers

Social Media Promotion

Promote your business, new arrivals, offers, deals and discounts on social media and increase interaction with your followers. Keep your audience informed and enhance their engagement.

Marketing tools - Car Dealer Management

Ratings and Reviews

Rating and reviews from your old as well as existing customers allow you to establish trust and credibility. Recommendations from your customers not only help you gain more customers but also help in establishing authority in the market.

Push Notifications - Car Dealer Management

Push Notifications

Now keep your customers and qualified leads informed with push notifications. Keep them informed about your new offerings and deals and increase customer retention.

Sales Management - Car Dealer Software Providers

Statistics and Reports

Gain valuable insights and measure the success of your business effectively with statistics and reports. Get your hands on the complete analysis of your business and create effective strategies.

Posting tools - Smart Inventory Management for Car Dealerships

Finance Management

Keep track of the cash flow, incomings and outgoings effectively with a finance management tool. Store all the vital data in one place and get access to crucial information without any hassle.

Dealer Management System that empowers your business and increases your closing rates.

At DealerBeats, we provide a complete auto dealer software that comes with several tools and features which allow you to manage and promote your car dealership business better.

  • Informed customers with car dealership websites
  • Powerful online presence with social media promotion
  • Enhanced engagement with marketing tools
  • Improved relationships with automotive CRM
Integrate your website with Dealerbeats and maximize your reach

Benefits of Using Our Dealer Management Software

DealerBeats car dealer software is not only tailored to equip your business with all the crucial tools and features, but also to render several benefits. 

We automate your tasks

Every business has some redundant tasks that occupy most of the business owner’s time. The good news is, these can be automated! Now automate your repetitive tasks and increase your productivity.

We help you slash costs

Our car dealership software gives you clear visibility of areas that might be contributing to increasing costs. Our dealership management software helps you combat this challenge by helping you get organised.

We help you optimise your processes

Daily tasks and processes can be demanding. They become a serious concern when they not only demand your time and efforts but also your valuable resources. Hence our dealership management software helps you tackle this challenge head on, save resources as well as time and optimise your daily processes.

We provide on-demand customisations

One of the major upsides of DealerBeats’ car dealership software is that it is highly flexible and scalable. Need a custom feature for the special needs of your car dealership? We’ve got you covered!

Why Choose DealerBeats’ Dealer Management Software

Our auto dealer software is tailored to serve all the demands and needs of a car dealership. We at DealerBeats not only understand the pain points of car dealership owners but also understand the necessity of recifying challenges through technology. Hence we have designed and developed one of the most comprehensive and highly user-friendly solutions that not only helps dealership owners to streamline their business but also helps them maximise leads and skyrocket their sales.   

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What is a dealer management system?

Dealer management system or car dealer software helps car dealership owners optimise their processes, reduce redundant work, automate tasks and gain greater visibility of their business. It helps them manage almost all the aspects of their car dealership and also helps them boost their leads and sales.

What are the features of a dealer management system?

A dealership management software or a car dealership software comes with several benefits that help business owners combat several challenges and remove roadblocks. It comes equipped with inventory management tool, automotive CRM, marketing tools, partner integrations etc.

What are the advantages of a dealer management system?

Auto dealer software helps car dealership owners optimise their processes, automate tasks, get organised and gain greater visibility. It helps car dealership owners in managing their inventory, market themselves better, form strong and long-term relationships with their customers and boost sales with partner integrations.

How can social media promotion help my car dealership business?

Having a social media handle is a must for every business these days. If your business doesn't have a page on social media, you are missing out. Social media not only helps you in gaining followers but also helps you enhance engagement. In addition to this, it gives you an opportunity to increase interaction with your target audience and know their queries and concerns. When done right, social media can become a rich source of leads and customers.

What are the advantages of automotive CRM?

Customers expect more these days. Cold calling and advertising are not enough. They expect better customer experience. Hence a CRM helps you form long-lasting relationships with your customers by helping you keep in touch with them with minimum efforts. It helps you improve relationships, it enhances your service quality, decreases customer attrition and helps you increase profits.

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