Unmatched Dealer Management System in Minneapolis

DealerBets is a feature abundant dealer management system in Minneapolis that comes with all the tools crucial increasing conversions and elevating sales.

  • 25+ Third-party Integrations 
  • 15+ Active Customers
  • Cloud-based System
  • 50+ Website Themes

What makes DealerBeats Perfect Car dealership Software in Minneapolis

DealerBeats is crafted to meet all the needs and requirements of car dealerships of all sizes. From independent car dealership to small car dealership, from new car dealership to used car dealership, DealerBeats comes equipped with all the tools and features necessary for the effective management of any car dealership and meets the modern needs of businesses. 

Key Highlights of Our Used Car Dealer Software in Minneapolis

DealerBeats comes with several cutting edge tools that enable you to keep track of every aspect of your car dealership 

Automotive Inventory Management Tool

DealerBeats dealer management system in Minneapolis comes with an inventory management tool that renders you greater visibility of your inventory and enables you to manage vehicles better. In addition to this, our inventory management tool enables you to combat the challenge of overstocking as well as understocking which enables you to save big bucks on warehouse cost and maintenance cost. 

Edit and search the inventory for the car from the lot
Manage Contacts - Car Dealer Software Solution

Marketing Tools

DealerBeats car dealership software in Minneapolis gives you access to all the tools that are required to market your business better and boost your brand awareness as well as recognition. DealerBeats car dealer software in Minneapolis comes with several tools which include responsive websites, content marketing tools, social media promotion tools, SEO, campaign management tools, etc.  

Credit Score Software Integration

Now make better business decisions with our credit score software integration that allows you to get all the insights about the credit score of your customers and leads. DealerBeats credit score software integration gives you access to credit inquiries, credit types, payment history, types of credit, etc, and keeps you informed. 

Inventory Search - Smart Inventory Management for Car Dealerships
Automotive Inventory Management: Best Car Dealer Software Providers

Photo Overlay

Now create eye-catching listings that make powerful impressions with our photo overlay tool. DealerBeats auto dealer software in Minneapolis comes with a photo overlay feature that enables you to display all the crucial information about your business such as your business’s name, logo, address, website URL, etc. 

Facebook Marketplace Integration

With our Facebook marketplace integration, we enable businesses to occupy the local market, build trust as well as credibility, and post their listings in a few simple steps. Just within four steps, the listings go live and with one on one messaging via messenger, businesses owners can increase customer engagement and close deals better. 

Car dealership website analytics for your Automotive Dealership software
Manage Sales - Car Dealer Software Solution

Lead & Deal Management Tool

Generating leads takes serious efforts. It requires an investment of time and resources. But even after generating leads, businesses fail to close deals. Why? Because of loopholes in their lead and deal management process. But not anymore. DealerBeats auto dealership software in Minneapolis comes equipped with lead and deal management tool that enables businesses to optimize the process and convert better.
Is your website compatible with mobile devices? Does your website comply with modern design rules? Are you facing the challenge of increased bounce back rates? Then DealerBeats can help. We at DealerBeats design websites that are not only gorgeous but also extremely user friendly, which not only helps you make a powerful first impression but also enables you to retain your visitors.
Car Dealership Websites

More Features of Our Dealer Management Software in Minneapolis

Apart from all the features listed above, our dealer management system in Minneapolis comes equipped with more features to equip you with tools crucial for better management. 

Flexible Scheduling - Craigslist Posting for Car Dealers


Now automate your redundant tasks and eliminate mundane processes and save time with automation.

Scheduling - Car Dealer Management

Vehicle History

DealerBeats car dealership software in Minneapolis keeps you informed throughout the sales process and enables you to close better by equipping you with vehicle history tool.

Inventory - Car Dealer Software Providers

Contact Management Tool

Now store contacts in one place and get access to them in a jiffy without any hassle with our contact management tool.

Automated verification - Craigslist Posting for Car Dealers

Digital Forms

Now you can collect the authentic user data and customize fields as per your requirements with digital forms.

Budget Management - Craigslist Posting for Car Dealers

Media Managers

Now manage your media better and keep track of your inventory pictures, videos, promotional content etc with media managers.

Photo overlays - Smart Inventory Management for Car Dealerships

Google Analytics

Get equipped with all the insights about your website visitors and create better strategies for business with Google Analytics.

Get equipped with next-gen car dealership software in Minneapolis and increase your sales!

DealerBeats comes loaded with tools and features that are incorporated to enable businesses automate tasks, simplify management, and upsurge sales. 

  • Easy management
  • Better visibility
  • Increased sales
  • Boosted reach
Export inventory in various formats using Inventory Management

Benefits of Using DealerBeats’ Car Dealership Software in Minneapolis

DealerBeats not only arm your business with cutting edge tools but also comes loaded with benefits. 

We help you slash costs

DealerBeats auto dealership software in Minneapolis is a comprehensive solution that removes your dependency from various solutions and enables you to save big.

We give a boost to your business

With our partner integration programs, we enable you to post on some of the best platforms around the web which include AutoTrader, vAuto, Craigslist, Dealertrack, dealer.com etc.

We enhance your reach

Our next-gen marketing tools enable you to maximize your reach and help you target your audience better which helps you generate better leads.

We increase your online presence

Our social media promotion tools, campaign management tools, content marketing tools, responsive websites etc enable you to boost your online presence.

Why Choose DealerBeats’ Used Car Dealership Software in Minneapolis

DealerBeats come equipped with all the tools, features, and functionalities that enable car dealerships owners to seamlessly manage their dealerships. In addition to this, DealerBeats comes equipped with easy to follow comprehensive tutorials that enable you to use the solution without any hassle and provide 24/7 customer support in case you need assistance. In addition to this, DealerBeats also provide 15+ software integrations that allow you to get your favorite software solutions in one place. 

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What is a dealer management system?

A dealer management system is a software solution that's designed to enable car dealership owners to simplify daily operations, reduce costs, maximize profits, and seamlessly manage diverse aspects of a car dealership. In addition to this, a dealer management tool also enables car dealership owners to boost their business’s reach, generate better leads, and increase sales.

What is a Vin Decoder?

A VIN comprises a 17 digits unique number and is assigned to every vehicle. A VIN decoder is a tool that reveals all the crucial information about a vehicle by providing insights about its model, transmission type, place of manufacture, vehicle’s brand, production number, etc.

What are the features of the best dealer management system?

A dealer management system comes equipped with various tools all incorporated to simplify management and boost sales. These tools are automotive inventory management tool, desking management tool, marketing tools, automotive CRM, partner integration, sales management tool, finance management tool, accounting tools, real-time notifications, branding tools, budget management tools, contact management tool, photo overlay, lead and deal management tool, vendor management tool, software integrations and many more.

How can photo overlay help my car dealership business?

Photo overlay helps car dealership owners in creating eye-catching listings that get clicked. Photo overlay helps business owners to enhance the look of the vehicle in images and allows them to add all the information crucial for customers to reach out without any hassle. This information includes the physical address of the dealership, website URL, contact information, logo, etc.

What is a vendor management tool?

DealerBeats comes equipped with a vendor management tool that enables car dealership owners to manage all the third parties effectively such as towing companies, pick up agencies, delivery agencies, and many more.

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