Harness the power of faster and responsive car dealership websites and increase your leads!

Give a boost to your business with car dealership websites that put your dealership on the digital map, enhance your reach, increase visibility of your business, maximise leads and increases your sales.

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  • Better Opportunities
  • Targeted Marketing
  • Enhanced Customer Convenience
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Increase Visibility, Build Trust and Boost your Reputation with DealerBeats’ Car Dealership Websites

Having a website and a strong online presence is as crucial as having a shop, an email or a contact number. Google receives approximately 63,000 searches every second and if your business doesn’t have a website, you are missing out on tons of opportunities. Hence at DealerBeats, we provide fast and responsive car dealership websites that help business owners increase their reach, enhance brand awareness and recognition, provide crucial information to the customers, showcase their inventory and services, get better leads and close more deals.    

Key Highlights of Our Car Dealership Websites

The websites by DealerBeats are not only fast but modern. Each and every website designed by us complies with the contemporary design rules and standards set by W3C. This not only helps you render better user experience but also helps you stand out.

Fast Websites and Less Loading Time

One of the major factors people bounce back from the website is loading time. Most people access websites from their phones, and if your website loads slowly, your users won’t hesitate to press the back button. Hence its important to have a website that takes less time to load. But when a website is feature-rich and full of dynamic pages, achieving ideal loading time becomes challenging. Hence at DealerBeats, we not only deliver websites that are loaded with features, but we also help you achieve the ideal loading time so that your website renders seamlessly across diverse devices. 

Customizable Design Templates - Craigslist Posting for Car Dealers
Manage Contacts - Car Dealer Software Solution

Manage Your Website from DealerBeats Account

One of the biggest advantages of the websites designed and developed by DealerBeats is that you get access to all the tools and features of DealerBeats car dealer software. Not only your website looks stunning and gorgeous which helps you make a powerful first impression but also you unlock all the features that help you manage your car dealership effectively and do more in less time from the backend of your website.

Contemporary Designs and Optimised Code

When a website is cluttered and full of loud colors, it not only confuses the users but also makes it less user-friendly. At DealerBeats, not only we design websites that contain optimized code for exceptional performance but also the websites designed by us comply with all the modern design rules. The websites are clean, crisp and highly user-friendly. In addition to this, our websites come with features that simply the experience of the website visitors and helps them navigate without any hassle. 

Manage Better with Dealer Management Mobile App
Responsive Car Dealer Website Design

Google Analytics for Better Insights

One of the upsides of having a website is that of Google analytics which gives you all the necessary and crucial insights that help you know your visitors better and improve your marketing strategy. In addition to this, Google analytics gives you complete information about most popular pages on your website, website traffic and the keywords for which your website and its pages are ranking for. This helps you create better website content, know what’s trending, which elements are receiving attention of the visitors and helps you improve strategies to rank better on Google.  

Search Engine Optimisation for Better Ranking

Climb up the ranks, build better marketing strategies, build brand awareness and generate better leads with search engine optimization. Search engine optimization not only helps your business rank better on Google but also helps you get more clicks, more visitors, improves the quality of the traffic, helps you stay ahead of your competition and renders you better and qualified leads which in turn help in boosting your sales. 

Valuable Insights with Analytics - Car Dealer Software Solution
Responsive across all platforms - Responsive Car Dealer Website Design

Responsive Design for Seamless Delivery

Everyone owns a smartphone with a browser these days and that’s why responsive design is a must. Most people nowadays rely on tabs or on their phones for accessing information from the web. If your website is not compatible with these devices, not only you are losing traffic but also you are missing out on potential customers. Hence at DealerBeats, the websites designed by us are not only highly functional but also render seamlessly across various devices. 

Social Media Friendly for Gaining Followers

Social media is one of the most effective ways of enhancing your reach and gaining more followers. Not only social media allows you to keep your leads and customers updated but also these platforms enable you to interact with your followers and know their needs better. In addition to this, you can resolve their queries on the go. When your website is social media friendly, it allows your customers and leads to go to your social media pages without manually searching for your social media handles. 

Car dealership software features to engage your customers
Social Media integration - Automotive Digital Marketing

Third Party Integrations for Increasing leads

We at DealerBeats design websites that are compatible with third party integrations like Craigslist, Autotrader, Facebook, eBay, Dealertrack, vAuto and many more which allow you to post your inventory on platforms that receive traffic from potential buyers. Not only this helps you increase your business’s visibility but also helps you increase brand awareness and brand recognition and helps you establish trust and increase your leads. 

Forms for Information Collection

The websites designed by us come equipped with digital forms that allow you to collect authentic data from your leads and keep in touch with them. All the form fields can be customized as per the requirements and all these fields contain validation which helps you minimize spam. The forms can be placed anywhere, on the hero area, above the footer, on the side as per the convenience of your customers.  

Desking Management Software: Dealer Management Software System

Blogs for Enhanced Engagement

Blogs are an excellent way of improving website’s ranking, increasing engagement and educating your audience about your business. Blogs provide you a medium to share relevant information about your business, your offerings, vehicles in your inventory and also help you position your business with the help of the blog posts. In addition to this, blogs help you boost your SEO strategy, helps you stay relevant, drives traffic and also helps you convert website visitors into leads. 

Real-time Chat for Faster Resolution

Several times businesses lose customers because their customers’ queries go unresolved. Hence the responsive car dealership websites come equipped with real-time chat that allows leads and customers enquire about your business, helps you resolve their queries and accelerates the flow of information. This not only helps you enhance the customer experience but also enables you to know your customers, what they are looking for, understand their needs and concerns better and provide faster resolution.

Additional Features of Our Responsive Car Dealership Websites

In addition to all the key features, the responsive websites come equipped with additional features that help you enhance the user experience and make a powerful first impression.

Photo overlays - Smart Inventory Management for Car Dealerships

Eye-catching Hero Area

Showcase the best cars in your inventory and gain the attention of your website visitors with eye-catching hero-areas/banners. Encourage the users to scroll further with catchy headlines, descriptions and call to actions.

Menu - Car Dealer Software Providers

Easy Navigation

The websites designed by us contain easy navigation that allows you to connect pages and help users navigate easily. In addition to this, navigations also contain dropdowns for easy access which removes the clutter.

Multiple Ads Management - Craigslist Posting for Car Dealers

Video and Image Galleries

One of the most effective ways of catching the attention of the website visitors is via images and videos. Images give your customers/leads a quick glimpse of your business and videos enhance the engagement.

Automated verification - Craigslist Posting for Car Dealers

Advance Search

Advance search helps your users find things quicker. It allows them to save time and also enhances the user experience. All they need to do is type in the words, press enter and they are good to go.

Flexible Scheduling - Craigslist Posting for Car Dealers

Testimonial Section

Displaying customer’s testimonials is a quick and easy way of establishing credibility and trust. Not only these testimonials stand as proof but also encourage the visitors of your website to make a purchase from you.

Scheduling - Car Dealer Management

Admin Dashboards

Now manage every aspect of your website easily with admin dashboards. Manage your media files, your posts, pages, galleries and make changes on the go.

Target your audience better, enhance lead engagement and get more customers with car dealership websites

Need a responsive car dealer website that gives a boost to your marketing campaigns and increases the visibility of your business? Then DealerBeats is the perfect pick.

  • Educate your customers
  • Increased brand awareness
  • Resolve queries better
  • Get better and qualified leads
Automotive Inventory Management: Best Car Dealer Software Providers

Several Benefits of Using DealerBeats’ Car Dealership Websites

Our responsive car dealer website not only equips you with several features and tools but also delivers diverse benefits that help you maximize your sales. 

Help you stand out

Every business nowadays owns a website and these websites compete with each other to gain customers. When the internet is so cluttered, how do you stand out? We at DealerBeats design eye-catching and gorgeous websites that help your business make a powerful first impression.

Boost your marketing campaign

Websites these days have replaced the traditional marketing methods. Not only do they help you save money but they also give a boost to your marketing campaign. We help you empower your campaigns by delivering websites that help you target your audience better.

Revamp your website

Stuck with an old and outdated website? Looking for ways to revamp your website? Then DealerBeats is the perfect pick. Not only do we give a complete makeover to your existing website and make it more user-friendly but we also enhance its features and decrease loading time.

Render feature rich websites

The websites we design and develop are loaded with features. In addition to this, we also add custom features to your websites as per your requirements.

Why Choose DealerBeats’ Car Dealership Websites

The websites designed by DealerBeats are not only extremely appealing to the customers but also highly functional. This allows dealership owners to make a remarkable first impression but also allows you to render top-notch functionalities to your users in a highly intuitive manner. In addition to this, a website boosts your marketing campaigns, helps you gain better and qualified leads and hence boosts your conversions. 

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What are Car Dealership Websites?

Car dealership websites or responsive car dealer websites are websites designed specifically for new car dealership or used car dealership owners. These websites contain all the features that help car dealer business owners cater to the needs of their customers and allows them to educate their target audience. These websites come equipped with all the tools necessary for a car dealership and helps in converting visitors into customers.

What are the features of best Car Dealership Websites?

While every responsive car dealership website varies in features, the best car dealership websites are responsive, user-friendly for better user experience, comply with modern design rules, require less loading time to render, have real-time chat for faster resolutions, have blog in place for promotion and positioning, have forms with validation for collection of visitors data, are compatible with third party integrations and are social media friendly. In addition to this, best responsive car dealership websites come with eye-catching hero area, convenient navigation, have images and video gallery for enhancing engagement, have search feature for the ease of access, have testimonials in place for building trust and credibility and also have admin dashboards to allow website owners to make changes without any hassle.

What are the benefits of a responsive car dealership website?

When done right, a car dealership website helps your business cut through the clutter and helps you stand out, helps you make a powerful first impression, boosts your marketing strategy, helps with brand awareness and brand recognition and renders valuable insights with the help of Google analytics. In addition to this, a proper search engine optimization strategy helps you rank better which increases your visitors, leads and sales.

How can SEO help my car dealership business?

Search engine optimization helps you rank better on google. How? It helps you adhere to all the guidelines created by google, it helps you insert keywords your target audience is using to search your services and products, it helps you bypass competition and build brand awareness, blogs help you educate your customers and inform them about your offerings, Google analytics helps you know for which keywords your website is ranking and all this information helps you create better strategies for ranking even better. When you rank on the first page of Google, not only it helps get more clicks, but also helps you drive in more traffic, engage your customers with valuable information and helps you convert better and increase your customer base.

Why are blogs important in responsive car dealership websites?

People visit the internet because they look for information. They look for posts and pages that can help them gather information to educate themselves. When a business offers them that piece of content that they find useful, it establishes trust and credibility. Hence blogs are essential for businesses of all sizes. When car dealership websites offer blog posts that offer information that people find useful, it not only helps them boost their SEO, establish credibility, authority but also helps in keeping their target audience informed.

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