Car dealership software that helps you cut down costs, maximises leads and skyrockets your sales.

Want a car dealership software that can do the heavy lifting for you? DealerBeats provides one of the most comprehensive car dealership software that comes equipped with inventory management, car dealership CRM, desking management, marketing tools and many more.

  • Reduced cost
  • Better management
  • Organised inventory
  • Increased sales

Get Equipped with DealerBeats’ Car dealership Software and Save More Time, Money While Boosting Your Sales

Every car dealership requires a car dealership software to do the heavy lifting for them so that they can focus on one parameter that matters the most — their sales! Hence DealerBeats comes equipped with all the features that help car dealers manage their inventory better, enhance their reach, target their audience better, increase conversions and boost sales. In addition to this, our car dealer software comes equipped with diverse payment gateways that helps you carry out transactions without any frets and hassle.

Key Features of Our Car dealership software Solution

DealerBeats dealer management system comes equipped with several features that help you with each and every aspect of your dealership. From managing your inventory to improving the ranking of your website, DealerBeats provides diverse tools to help you streamline your business.

Car Dealership CRM System that Strengthens Relationships

Gaining information about your customers is one of the most crucial aspects of sales. But the task easily becomes daunting when you are relying on traditional methods for storing details like names, contact number, email etc. In addition to this, mismanaged information leads to poor relationships with your customers. Hence, we have tailored DealerBeats CRM in such a way that not only helps you store all the crucial data about your customer but also helps you stay in touch with them and form long-term relationships. 

Manage Sales - Car Dealer Software Solution
Google Analytics Insights - Car Dealer Software Solution

Automotive Inventory Management Tool for Better Tracking of Stock

A mismanaged inventory comes with several challenges. Not only does it increase your warehouse cost but also it affects your sales. And the fluctuating demand adds fuel to the fire. But when you have a good grip of your inventory and you are aware of vehicles in your stock, you can make informed decisions during sales. In addition to this, a good automotive inventory management tool also helps you slash warehouse cost and avoid overstocking as well as understocking. Hence, our automotive inventory management tool comes with all the features crucial for the effective management of the inventory.

Branding Tools for Establishing Trust

When you project your business as a brand, not only you make a memorable first impression but also you start building trust and credibility in the industry. When done right, branding not only enhances brand awareness and brand recognition but also increases business’s value and starts pulling in new customers. Hence branding tools in our dealer management system are designed to help you cut through the clutter. Our branding tools not only help you stand out but also give a boost to your business.

Desking Management Software: Dealer Management Software System
Integrated Bank Programs - Car Dealership Software Solutions

Multiple Payment Gateways for Safe Transactions

At DealerBeats, in addition to ease of access, one of our priorities is the protection of your data and your privacy. Hence our dealer management system comes with diverse payment gateways so that you can pick the one most suitable for business’s needs. These payment gateways are easy to integrate and come with high encryption standards. We at DealerBeats use only those third party payment gateways that are used by global leaders. 

Car Dealership Websites for Strong Web Presence

In addition to expanding your reach, a car dealership website helps you advertise your business better. Not only you save money by eliminating traditional methods of advertising but you also educate your customers and gain new leads. Hence, at DealerBeats, we design websites that align with your business’s branding, vision as well as mission statement. In addition to this, we design websites as per the latest design trends and these websites work seamlessly across all the devices.  

Automotive Inventory Management: Best Car Dealer Software Providers
Smart accounting - Car Dealer Software Providers

Google Analytics for Better Strategies

Having access to Google analytics equips your business with insights that help you improve your business strategy. Not only it enables you to gather information about your visitors and their geographical area but also enables you to gain insights about the pages they are browsing and on which pages they are spending most time on. In addition to this, it helps you track the popular pages and you can also track your conversions. Hence we help you make the most of Google analytics by rending all the crucial information necessary for sales.

Sales Management for Reduced Manual Errors

Unreliable information can easily interfere with your sales. And manual entries of crucial sales data always creates a room for mistakes. Hence our sales management software enables you to reduce your manual work which minimises the scope of errors and helps you organize your critical information effectively. In addition to this, you can manage your inquiries, leads, customers and sales from just one place.

Automotive Digital Marketing
Smart spare parts management - Car Dealer Software Providers

Partner integration for Attracting More Audience

DealerBeats dealer management system helps your inventory climb to the top in the marketplaces like Craigslist, Autotrader, Facebook, eBay, Dealertrack, and vAuto. The best thing about these marketplaces is people visit these websites with the sole purpose of buying stuff. Our custom design templates, photo overlay feature and branding tools help your inventory stand out and drive more traffic to your listing.

Document Management for Organised Resources


DealerBeats’ document management tool helps you organise all the resources at one place. Manage your forms, files, sheets, PDFs and so much more and gain access to all the resources with just one click. Not only document management tools help you reduce your storage space but also increases the security of your important files. In addition to this, the tool provides easy backup options so that you can manage your documents without any frets and hassle. 

Integrate your website with Dealerbeats and maximize your reach

Additional Features of Our Dealer Management System

At DealerBeats, our aim is to equip dealerships with one of the most comprehensive solutions. Hence in addition to all the above features, DealerBeats auto dealer software comes with more features listed below

Scheduling - Car Dealer Management

Automotive Merchandising

Our automotive merchandising enables you to take pictures and upload them in your phone application. In addition to this, the tool also enables you to create and print guides and window stickers and helps you create appealing descriptions for your customers.

Push Notifications - Car Dealer Management


Search engine optimisation helps your website climb up the ranks in Google. When your website ranks better and is accessible from the first page of Google, you get more leads and more conversions.

Posting tools - Smart Inventory Management for Car Dealerships

Exporting Tools

Now export your inventory in diverse formats that fit your needs, that too with just one click. Export in PDF, slides, text files and many more formats. The exporting tools come with clear wizards that help you export all the data without any hassle.

Marketing tools - Car Dealer Management


Now analyse your business and gain valuable insights with statistics. Not only statistics render important information about your business but also make all the areas visible that need your attention.

Social Media Promotion - Car dealership software

Social Media Promotion

Social media promotion is one of the best methods of enhancing your reach. Social media promotions help you target your audience better and also enables you to gain followers and enhance engagement.

Budget Management - Craigslist Posting for Car Dealers

Spare Parts Management

Now manage and keep track of all the spare parts without any hassle and never understock and overstock again. In addition to this, we also enable you to manage vehicle specific spare parts.

Photo overlays - Smart Inventory Management for Car Dealerships

Photo Overlay

Personalise your inventory by adding your dealerships name, contact number, website URL, address, custom colours and so much more with photo overlay feature.

Inventory - Car Dealer Software Providers

Scheduling Tools

Save time and get organised with DealerBeats scheduling feature. Plan ahead of time by scheduling your calls, meetings and so much more.

An easy to use dealer management software to streamline your daily operations

Whether you are a used car dealership owner or a new car dealership owner, whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, DealerBeats helps you get organised, slash costs and make more profits.

  • Reach on the first page of Google with SEO
  • Get more leads with responsive websites
  • Solve more queries with DealerBeats’ mobile app on the go.
  • Maximise your interactions with your audience with social media marketing
Export inventory in various formats using Inventory Management

Car Dealership Software that Comes with Several Benefits

The tools and features of DealerBeats render several benefits that not only give your business a boost but also help you make the most of DealerBeats software.

We enhance your reach

DealerBeats helps you expand your reach and attract more customers by equipping you with marketing tools. Marketing tools help you with advertising, ranking on Google and helps your dealership gain spotlight on social media.

We boost your ranking

Google is one of the most powerful and vastly used search engines, and ranking on the first page helps you gain more leads and more conversions. Hence DealerBeats provides you website that not only comply with all the standards set by Google, but also follow all the white hat SEO rules and helps you rank better.

We help you reduce cost

DealerBeats is one of the most comprehensive solutions that eliminates the need for you to rely on multiple solutions for different purposes. We help you reduce cost by removing multiple dependencies and by streamlining your business.

We render 24/7 support

We at DealerBeats believe that technology should empower business. And hence we provide 24/7 support to solve your queries within a given timeframe.

Why Choose DealerBeats’ Car Dealership Software

DealerBeats is equipped with all the tools and features that are crucial for the effective functioning of your car dealership. Not only our dealer management system helps you enhance your reach, increase your leads, boost your sales and build long term relationships with your customers, but also helps you save time, money, and resources by automating tasks, removing dependencies and equipping you with the right tools. 

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What is a car dealership software?

Car dealership software or auto dealership software is a solution that helps new car dealership owners as well as used car dealership owners to get organised, automate tasks, and streamline their business. In addition to this, a car dealer software comes equipped with several features like automotive inventory management tool, marketing tools, desking management tools, partner integration, Google analytics, car dealership CRM, and many more features. A car dealer software helps car dealership owners reduce cost, save time, increase leads and boost sales.

What are the features of a car dealer software?

A dealership management system or car dealer software consists of features like marketing tools, social media integration, automotive inventory management tool, posting tools, desking management tools, car dealership CRM, Google analytics, photo overlay, car dealership websites, SEO, VIN decoder, sales management, digital forms, contact management, accounting tools, finance management, design templates, media managers, exporting tools and so much more.

How can a car dealership CRM can help my business?

Every business loses contacts every year which eventually takes toll on their sales. One of the most crucial aspects of any business is customers and their details and making use of traditional methods is not only time consuming but also puts your important records at risk. Hence an automotive CRM software helps you save all the records at one place and also enables you to keep in touch with your old and existing customers as well as new leads effectively.

What are the benefits of using a car dealership website?

A car dealership website plays a crucial role in marketing of your business. Almost everyone these days performs Google search before making a purchase. If you have a website, not only it helps you in establishing trust and credibility but also helps you educate your users about your business effectively. In addition to this, a car dealership website also plays a crucial role in generating leads and boosting your conversions.

What is automobile merchandising?

Automobile merchandising tools help you promote and sell vehicles from your inventory. It not only helps you get discovered but also gives a boost to your marketing strategy. The automotive merchandising tool helps you with advertisements, descriptions, website design and content. In addition to this, it also helps you create print guides and window stickers for promotion.

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