DealerBeats’ car dealer software that boosts conversions and maximises profits

DealerBeats’ car dealer software is a one-stop solution to all the dealership challenges. DealerBeats equips car dealers with tools and features that enable them tackle several day to day challenges head-on.

  • Better management
  • Automated processes
  • Enhanced reach
  • Maximise profits

Boost Your Sales and Maximise Profits with DealerBeats’ Car Dealer Software

Every car dealership requires a car dealership software to do the heavy lifting for them so that they can focus on one parameter that matters the most — their sales! Hence DealerBeats comes equipped with all the features that help car dealers manage their inventory better, enhance their reach, target their audience better, increase conversions and boost sales. In addition to this, our car dealer software comes equipped with diverse payment gateways that helps you carry out transactions without any frets and hassle.

Key Features of Our Car dealership software Solution

DealerBeats’ car dealership software helps you get organised, equips you with tools and features necessary for streamlining your business, helps you enhance your business’s reach, gets you more leads and gives a boost to your business. DealerBeats is tailored to help you remove roadblocks, speed up your daily processes and meet all the dealership needs. Our all in one solution allows you to manage all the aspects of your dealership so that you can focus on what’s important.

Automotive Inventory Management Tool for Better Stocking

Our automotive inventory management tool helps car dealers to keep track of the vehicles and spare parts effectively and also allows them to stock better. It gives them clear insights about their existing inventory, the requirements and the demand in the market which enables them to rectify the challenge of understocking as well as overstocking. When car dealers stock better, it also allows them to save money by cutting down on warehouse cost.

Manage Contacts - Car Dealer Software Solution
Google Analytics Insights - Car Dealer Software Solution

Photo Overlay for Enhanced Customer Engagement

Now personalise the pictures of your inventory and create eye catching pictures with photo overlay feature of our dealer management system. Photo overlay allows you to add your dealership name, contact information and enhance pictures so that they can catch the attention of the potential buyer. In addition to this, the feature also helps you enhance visibility on several posting platforms and helps you drive more traffic to your listings. 

Marketing Tools for Better Brand Visibility

Marketing tools allow you to promote your business on social media as well across the web effectively without any hassle. Our car dealership software comes equipped with features and tools essential for the effective promotion of your business. Our marketing tools include car dealership website, SEO, social media marketing, digital marketing, content marketing, social media campaigns etc which allow car dealers to increase their leads and boost conversions.

Manage Sales - Car Dealer Software Solution
Plan ahead of time with Automated posting - Craigslist Posting for Car Dealers

Software Integrations for Accelerated Growth

Our car dealership software is tailored to be compatible with diverse solutions that empower your business. We provide software integrations that help you do more without any hassle. We provide and equip you with software integrations such as Salesforce, Microsoft Office, etc that allow you to not only do more but also maximizes the productivity of your departments and staff.

Theme Selection for Better User Experience

Looking for a theme that best goes with the personality and character of your brand? We’ve got you covered. We at DealerBeats understand the importance of powerful first impressions. Hence we provide a wide range of themes for your car dealership website so that you can choose as per your needs. We also customise these themes and make them compatible with your brand guidelines so that everything stays in sync. 

Responsive Car Dealer Website - used car dealer management software
Automotive Merchandising - Car Dealer Software Solution

VIN Decoder for Improved Sales Process

VIN decoder allows you to get your hands on all the necessary information about the vehicle, crucial for sales. It gives you quick access to information regarding the engine, transmission type, model, year of manufacturing, production number, place of manufacturing and so much more. All this data not only helps you stay informed but also allows you to maintain transparency and make informed decisions.

Partner Integrations for Maximised Profits

The biggest advantage of posting on multiple posting platforms is that of brand awareness, brand recognition and enhanced visibility. Hence it not only helps you increase your chances of getting qualified leads but also helps you establish trust, credibility and authority over the time. In addition to this, when you post on multiple platforms, it helps you attract most leads and also gives a boost to your customer base.

On-demand Custom partner Integration for your Automotive Dealer Website
SEO for Qualified Leads

SEO for Qualified Leads

If you have a car dealership website but you don’t have a search engine optimization strategy in place, then you are not making the most of your website. An effective SEO strategy can help you climb up the ranks on Google. When your website ranks on the first page of Google, it helps you get more clicks, more visitors, more leads and boosts your conversions.

Additional Features of Our Car Dealer Software

DealerBeats car dealership software is a feature-loaded solution that helps you rectify all the daily dealership challenges. In addition to the features listed above, DealerBeats comes equipped with additional features that simplify daily tasks for you

Scheduling - Car Dealer Management

Exportings tools

Exporting tools allow you to export your inventory in diverse file formats such as PDF, text files slides etc. The tool comes with a simple step by step wizard that helps you with the process and makes the task of exporting fret-free.

Posting tools - Smart Inventory Management for Car Dealerships

Spare Parts Management

Now manage car specific spare parts and keep your inventory ready for any challenge. Keep track of your spare parts effectively and avoid understocking and overstocking.

Multiple Ads Management - Craigslist Posting for Car Dealers

Social Media Promotion

Put your car dealership on the digital map and leverage the power of social media with effective social media promotions. Gain followers, interact with your audience, gain more leads and convert better!

Statistics - Car Dealer Management

Budget Management

Our budget management tool not only improves planning but also helps you increase transparency in your business and helps you set clear monthly goals.

Reviews and Ratings - Car Dealer Management

Media Managers

Media managers allow you to store all your media files in one place. Now store your inventory images, promotional videos, important PDF files and so much more and get access to them in just one click.

Sales Management - Car Dealer Software Providers

Digital forms

Collect information effectively and keep the data of your website visitors safe with DealerBeats’ digital forms. Customise fields and send digital forms with just one click and retrieve information effectively while minimizing spam.

Log/CRM - Car Dealer Software Providers

Contact Management

Never lose your contacts ever again with our contact management tool and get access to the contact details of your leads and customers in a jiffy with just one click.

Automated verification - Craigslist Posting for Car Dealers

Google Analytics

Get your hands on all the crucial information about your website visitors, keywords and geographical areas and create better strategies to target them better with Google analytics.

Marketing tools - Car Dealer Management


DealerBeats accounting tools allow you to keep track of tax compliances, cash flow, expense and income statements, accounts payable and receivable and so much more.

Do more, convert more and sell more with DealerBeats auto dealer software!

DealerBeats is a complete solution for new car dealerships and used car dealerships that not only helps business owners with day to day tasks but also helps you increase your qualified leads and boosts conversion rates.

  • Better branding for more authority
  • Powerful SEO strategies for improved ranking
  • Marketing tools for boosting reach
  • Inventory management for improved management
Simple Merchandising - Car Dealership Software Solutions

Benefits of Using Our Dealer Management System

DealerBeats is not only packed with features but also packed with several benefits. Our car dealership software renders diverse benefits that give a strong boost to your business

We help you establish authority

Our branding tools, marketing tools and features such as photo overlay help you effectively stand out and cut through the clutter. Our tools help you establish trust in the industry which helps you attract more customers.

We help you save more

Our comprehensive solution comes with diverse tools and features which eliminate the need of relying on several software solutions, which helps you save money as well as time and helps you do more.

We help you close more Deals

DealerBeats not only helps you get organized, but also renders all the crucial data regarding the vehicle with just one click and helps you close deals effectively.

We provide 24/7 support

The primary aim behind Dealerbeats dealer management system is to empower your business. Hence we provide 27/7 support so that you can make the most of our auto dealer software without any hassle.

Why Choose DealerBeats’ Dealer Management System

DealerBeats is one of the feature-rich software solutions that enables you to streamline your business and maximise your profits. It equips you with tools that not only help you reduce costs, automate workflows and save time but also helps you boost your business by equipping you with partner integration programs, marketing tools, automotive CRM, desking management, automotive inventory management tool and so much more that not only helps you increase your reach but also helps you grow your business

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What is a car dealer software?

A car dealer software or a dealer management system helps car dealers streamline their processes, optimise daily tasks and automate workflows. In addition to this, auto dealer software comes with various features which not only helps car dealers reduce cost and save time but also boosts their business.

What are the features of the best car dealer software?

There are some features that every auto dealership software must have. These features include an automotive CRM, automotive inventory management tool, partner integration programs, marketing tools and desking management tools. In addition to this, additional features of a complete auto dealership software include photo overlay, scheduling tools, digital paperwork, digital forms, automobile merchandising, contact management tools, media managers, exporting tools and many more.

What are the advantages of a car dealer software?

A car dealership software or a dealer management system helps car dealers reduce cost, speed up business and close more deals. It renders greater visibility and arms dealerships with tools that help dealerships achieve their monthly targets.

Why are branding tools crucial for my car dealership?

Branding tools are crucial for every small or large business. When your business follows brand guidelines consistently, it helps your target audience recognise you better. Over the time, an effective brand strategy helps you gain trust and establish authority. When you have a branding strategy in place, it helps in increasing brand awareness and brand recognition, both are which are crucial for giving a boost to your marketing strategies.

How can a sales management tool help my car dealership business?

The sales management software is designed to reduce manual work and eliminate the chances of human errors. Sales management tool simplifies your emails, calls, helps you automate your processes, enhances teamwork in your sales team and equips your salespeople with crucial data required for closing deals. In addition to this, it helps you keep track of your enquiries, qualified leads, conversions and customers and helps you store necessary data in one place.

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