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DealerBeats is a web-based automotive dealer management software for independent auto dealerships of all sizes. Manage your work, dealership parts, and invoices anytime – anywhere.

We are Best-in-industry Car Dealer Software Providers

DealerBeats is a web-based automotive dealer management software for independent auto dealerships of all sizes. Manage your work, dealership parts, and invoices anytime – anywhere.

Manage contacts

When you have so much going on in your business, managing contacts could easily become a difficult task. And not being able to find the right contact when you need it is always frustrating. The contact management feature that comes with our auto dealer software enables you to create, store and manage contacts of buyer prospects, leads, customers and other vendors all in one place. It organizes your contact list and gives you easy access to all your contacts. With the powerful search, you can conveniently skim through your database or simply search by name whenever you need to contact them.

Manage contacts - Car Dealer Software Providers
Valuable Insights with Analytics - Car Dealer Software Solution

Keep vehicle records

With an organized database of vehicle records, you can quickly enter and store car details using lookups. The vehicle records feature that comes with our car dealership software solution enables you to save all the crucial details required during the sales such as service history, registration lookup, ownership records, warranty, financial history, customers interested in a particular model and so much more. The feature helps you to stay informed about every car in your inventory at every stage of the sale. Hence you can keep your customers informed, maintain transparency and close deals effectively.

Smart spare parts management

Never go out of stock again. Our auto dealer software solution comes equipped with spare parts management feature that helps you manage the spare parts in your inventory effectively. Now keep track of spare parts in demand and always keep your inventory ready for any challenge. Add new parts directly from an invoice, maintain a spontaneous parts inventory and group common and car-specific parts together to speed up the process of finding them.

Smart spare parts management - Car Dealer Software Providers
Generate reports - Car Dealer Software Providers

Generate reports

Know your strengths and weaknesses – get an accurate drill-down of what makes your business powerful and which processes need fine-tuning. Get reports based on accounting, workshops, service reminders and parts in use. Conduct a complete SWOT analysis of your car dealership and know your business better. The reports and statistics tool that comes with our car dealership software can arm you with valuable insights that can help you identify departments in your business that need your immediate attention.

Smart accounting

By equipping your business with dealerBeats auto dealer software, you can get a clear view of incomings and outgoings with cloud-based financial accounting support. In addition to keeping track of the cash-flow effectively, our car dealership software also enables you to visually track KPI growth, create polished finance documents, and choose what you want to do with your invoices – view online, print PDF or email. 

Smart accounting - Car Dealer Software Providers

Does my business need auto dealer software?

Does your car dealership fall under the following category? If yes, then you definitely need a car dealer software to save time, money, sell more car and ultimately grow your business.

  • Independent used car dealerships
  • New car franchise
  • RV/Motorsports car dealership
  • Auction car dealerships
We believe you should focus on what you do best – sell cars! Boost your income by 20% by focussing on engaging with customers and creating more touchpoints with them. We take care of almost everything else! From automotive inventory management to building quality relationships with your customers with our powerful CRM, we render all the tools crucial for your business.
By using an integrated car dealership software instead of dozens of software, we make the most of your time and do away with the hassles involved in switching between software. With DealerBeats, you can easily save at least 1-2 hours per day!
Investing in multiple software for various tasks at a car dealership, such as quoting a new car, booking cars, generating payment reminders to setting up customer invoices, can be expensive. To cut down on the cost choose a 360-degree integrated solution that saves 60% of your money.
We want your business to grow and prosper and therefore, our software and pricing plans are designed in a way that manages unlimited users and does not charge you extra if you add new users. You should not be worrying about adding new users ever! With DealerBeats add new users, remove existing users and manage them all effectively.
DealerBeats is always around to help you when you need it. We’ve made getting help & support easy so your business can run as smoothly as possible. We have a live chat option, a detailed and rich knowledge base, discussion forums, multiple and crisp getting started guides, an academy, and a setup wizard. We ensure that you stay informed about all the latest trends and practices to keep your business one step ahead.
Why Dealerbeats is the best car dealer software provider?

DealerBeats car dealership software is full of simple and smart features that make running your workshop and car sales operation easier. There’s everything inside to enable your automotive dealership to manage your business from customer creation to invoicing. DealerBeats auto dealer software comes equipped with all the features crucial for the effective management of a car dealership. These features include automotive inventory management, automotive desking tools, car dealer website, car dealership CRM, marketing solutions, automotive merchandising and so much more. All these features make DealerBeats one of the most ideal and best car dealer software in the industry.

Features that make us ideal car dealer software providers

Our car dealership software is simple, easy to start and easy to use every day. This means that your common tasks become your second nature very quickly. The automotive dealership includes:
Inventory - Car Dealer Software Providers


With the automotive inventory management feature that comes with our automotive dealer software, you can effectively manage your inventory and avoid overstocking and understocking. In addition to this, by keeping track of your inventory, you can minimize the cost of holding stock and maintenance.

Log/CRM - Car Dealer Software Providers


When you know your customer’s needs and pain points, you can provide effective solutions. With our car dealership CRM, you stay aware of your customer’s needs, solve their queries, get to know their pain points, notify them about new deals and keep in touch with them even after you’ve made the sale.

Sales Management - Car Dealer Software Providers

Sales Management

With the help of the sales management feature of DealerBeats automotive dealer software, you can set new targets, create and refine your current strategies, keep track of the sales and get access to valuable insights such as statistics and reports. The sales management feature renders all the data about the strengths and weaknesses of your business and helps you rectify all the issues in your strategy in time.

Marketing tools - Car Dealer Management


Now save your time, reduce cost and manage your accounts accurately with our inbuilt accounting feature. With our powerful accounting feature, you can generate financial statements, manage taxes and generate invoices all in one place.

Menu - Car Dealer Software Providers


With the help of the menu, you can easily access all the features of DealerBeats from one place. With just one click, get quick access and navigate between features. With the help of convenient dropdowns, get quick access to the subfeatures and easily manage your business.

Statistics - Car Dealer Management


DealerBeats software comes with multiple payment modes that enable you to make payments in a safe manner. We value your privacy and safety. And in order to combat breaches, we provide secure payment gateways so that you can operate your business without any frets.

Run Credit - Car Dealer Software Providers

Run Credit

With the help of the credit score checker, now get all the insights about your customers and sell cars and parts only to credible customers.

Finance Management - Car Dealer Management

Credit apps

With our integrated credit apps, you don’t have to rely on any third-party application for the credit information of your customers. With just one click, get all the information in one place and make informed decisions.

Scheduling - Car Dealer Management


Now generate memos, keep track of your finances and measure your business’s growth with annual reports. With the help of statistics and reports, you can easily keep a check on your business and conduct a complete analysis anytime and track areas that need your immediate attention.

Reviews and Ratings - Car Dealer Management


With easy forms, you can collect your customer’s information easily, without any hassle. With just one click, you can send forms containing all the fields required by you to initiate or close the deal. With forms, you can easily maintain transparency in your business.

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by Walter Gray, Illinois on

While browsing the web, we stumbled upon the DealerBeats’ dealer management software and we decided to give it a try. I had never imagined that my accidental discovery would make my life so much easier. I can keep an eye on all the departments and I can measure the performance anytime

by Michael Green, Georgia on

DealerBeats’ automotive dealer software has not only helped us organize our inventory but has also has helped in generating many new leads. Now, we get the right leads that actually convert and our sales have also drastically improved. Kudos!

by Daniel Foster, New Jersey on

With the help of Dealerbeats, we were able to create attractive listings of the cars in our inventory. Even after being in the business for 3+ years, I had never imagined that only pictures and detailed listings can make so much positive difference in our business. Not only our listings are driving in more leads but they are also converting the leads into customers. I highly recommend the car merchandising tool of this auto dealership software! Keep up the great work!

by Ethan Rivera, Arizona on

Keeping in touch with old customers was really a difficult task. We had to maintain multiple books for keeping the records of our old customers. But now with Dealerbeats car dealer software, we don’t have to worry about losing our valuable customers since everything is so much more organized. Not only we are able to keep in touch with our customers but we can also keep them informed about new offers, deals. As a result, our old customers are coming back to us. No doubt that the CRM of Dealerbeats is extremely powerful. Thank you so much to the people behind Dealerbeats. You all are doing a wonderful job.

by Altin Maliqi on

I was looking for a car dealer software providers company. And get in touch with DealerBeats with the help of one of my associates. And I can not satisfy more with the type of response they have given us in the first meeting. The team at DealerBeats is fully passionate about their work and the services they provide are up to the mark.

by Sava Nickic on

I was planning to move my offline dealership business to online. And it was really hard to manage so many things at a time. Thus, we approached DealerBeats and it was a great relief for us. Their services are amazing as they provide inventory management, desking, integrations, etc.

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