Car dealer management software solution that helps you simplify and organize your dealership

Looking for a car dealer management system? Then DealerBeats is the perfect pick. For all the aspects of your dealership, DealerBeats provides highly functional features and equips you with tools that help you organize, manage and grow your business. 

  • Enhanced reach 
  • Reduced cost
  • Maximum ROI
  • Maximized conversions and sales

Minimize Cost and Do More with DealerBeats’ All in One Car Dealership Management Solution

DealerBeats is one of the most comprehensive car dealer management software that comes equipped with all the features and tools your dealership needs to thrive. We not only help you manage and organize your dealership but we also help you minimize the cost. In addition to this, we maximize your reach, we help you get the right leads and we help you boost your sales by maximizing your conversions.

Key Features of DealerBeats’ Car Dealer Management Solution

DealerBeats’ car dealer management solution is one of the most comprehensive solutions that enables car dealers to manage multiple areas of their business effectively. Below are some of the key features that make DealerBeats an ideal for dealership owners

Long-term Relationships and Maximized Customer Retention with Car Dealership CRM

Businesses who know their clients well serve them well. Hence we have designed our car dealership CRM in such a way that it helps you build long-term relationships with your old as well as new customers. Get complete insights about your customers and render better service with our car dealership CRM. In addition to this, equip your teams with complete insights about your customers and help them increase engagement and sell better.

Manage Sales - Car Dealer Software Solution
Inventory Search - Smart Inventory Management for Car Dealerships

Inventory management Simplified with Automotive Inventory Management Tool

Instead of entering everything manually in books and spreadsheets, digitize your business, organize your inventory and keep track of all the vehicles and spare parts with our automotive inventory management tool. Our automotive inventory management tool is designed to meet all the needs of your business and it lets you save time and minimize cost by helping you avoid overstocking and understocking. Our automotive inventory management tool enables you to focus on what matters the most — your sales and helps you enhance the efficiency of your business.

Branding for Credibility

Would you like to buy from a brand? Or would you like to spend your money on a regular product? Of course a brand, unless you are well aware of the value and features of the regular product. Why? Because brands establish credibility. They build more trust and hence people invest in branded products even if the regular product is ten times better. And hence, we have designed branding tools that will not only help you project and position yourself as a brand but will also help you build trust among your target audience.

Plan ahead of time with Automated posting - Craigslist Posting for Car Dealers
Responsive Car Dealer Website - used car dealer management software

Your dealership might be one of the most popular dealerships with a maximum number of satisfied customers. But if you don’t have a strong web presence, you are missing out on many leads and customers. A website helps you help your leads find more about your business. It helps you resolve all of their queries by providing them information about your business and helps you render all the crucial information in one place. In addition to this, the reviews from your customers also help in building credibility.  

We at DealerBeats provide integration programs to car dealership owners that help them get more clicks on their listings, get more leads and get more conversions. Our car dealer management software comes equipped with posting tools such as Autotrader, Craigslist, vAuto, eBay, Facebook,, Dealertrack and many more, which not only help you put your inventory in spotlight and attract as many customers as possible, but also provides you refined and qualified leads which help you boost your sales.

Generate reports - Car Dealer Software Providers
Automotive Digital Marketing

DMS App to manage your dealership from anywhere

Manage all the aspects of your business and do more, even while being away from your dealership. Many businesses suffer because of the unavailability of the owners but not anymore. With DealerBeats, you can easily manage your inventory, your customers, resolve queries and get more conversions, that too from your phone. We provide a DMS app for android as well as iOS so that you can use the dealer management mobile app on both devices without any hassle.  

Google Analytics for Better Analysis

Get your hands on all the insights about your website visitors and create strategies to benefit your business. Car dealership owners can easily get all the information about their website visitors, namely, age, location, gender, clicked pages and what’s trending. By getting access to all the insights, car dealership owners can create as well as tweak new and existing strategies.

Social media friendly - Responsive Car Dealer Website Design
Car dealership software features to engage your customers

Car Dealership Marketing Tools to Enhance Engagement

Most businesses never reach their potential because their target audience lacks awareness. Most customers never buy from a business just because they are not aware of the existence of a business. Having access to marketing tools help businesses keep their audience informed and enhance their reach. We enable car dealership owners to market themselves effectively by equipping them with tools like social media marketing, digital marketing, search engine optimization, content marketing, etc.

Diverse Payment Gateways for Easy Transactions

We at DealerBeats put the safety and security of your data on the top of our list. That’s why we provide you some of the best payment gateways that are used by leading companies around the globe and are trusted by the world. In addition to this, we provide you various payment gateways so that you can pick the one you feel most comfortable with and carry out transactions without any frets.  

Vehicle Listing Directly to the Website - Car Dealer Management Mobile App
Smart accounting - Car Dealer Software Providers

Effective Sales Management for your Car dealership

Now effectively track your leads, send quotes, manage your conversations as well as orders, minimize manual work and effectively minimize errors. From leads to customers, from emails to your dealership data, from contacts to calls, manage tasks and automate your repetitive processes with our car dealer management solution.

Additional Features of Our Car Dealership Management System

In addition to all the features listed above, our car dealer management system comes equipped with the following features as well to ease up your business management as much as possible.

Multiple Ads Management - Craigslist Posting for Car Dealers

Search Engine Optimisation

We arm your business with search engine optimization that helps you boost your rank on Google. The higher you rank, the more visitors you get. More the visitors, more the leads and more conversions. In addition to this, search engine optimization also helps you increase the domain and page authority which in turn boosts traffic on your website.

Push Notifications - Car Dealer Management

Social Media Promotion

We equip your business with social media promotion and campaigns which help you boost your reach. In addition to this, you can target your potential customers better and enhance your engagement as well as interaction with your audience.

Flexible Scheduling - Craigslist Posting for Car Dealers

Media Managers

With media managers, you can get access to all your documents, images, videos, files and so much more. Find everything in one place, that too in a snap. We not only help you organize your important files and media of your business but with the powerful search feature, you can search for files in a snap.

Photo overlays - Smart Inventory Management for Car Dealerships

Design Templates

With design templates, you can design eye-catching listings of your inventory which will not only help your inventory gain the attention of the buyers but will also help you attract more visitors in no time. Put your inventory in the spotlight with our design tools and boost your sales with customizable design templates.

Reviews and Ratings - Car Dealer Management

Digital forms

With digital forms, you can rest assured about getting correct customer information. The digital forms designed by us come with diverse form fields and validations that minimize spam and incorrect information. Send forms and receive customer information with just one click, without any hassle.

Posting tools - Smart Inventory Management for Car Dealerships

Contact Management

Tons of contacts can easily make things confusing and storing these contacts manually in files and then accessing them is always a nightmare. Hence our contact management tool enables dealership owners to store, manage and access the contacts easily without any hassle.

What are the benefits of using a car dealer management software?

A car dealer management system helps you streamline your business effectively. In addition to this, a car dealer management system also comes with numerous benefits that make your daily operations simple.

  • Effective Inventory Management for Car Dealers
  • DMS app for ease of access
  • Car Dealership CRM for meaningful and lasting relationships
  • Responsive website to boost your leads
  • Posting tools for maximum conversions and many more
car dealer management app

Our Top-notch Services for Car Dealers That Set us Apart

At DealerBeats, we understand what’s important for you. It’s your sales. Hence we minimize your efforts by providing you best-in-industry software with best-in-industry services. We tailor the software as per your business’s needs and render top-notch solutions that make your operations easy.

Research, Planning, and Implementation

This is the phase when we get in touch with you. We analyze your pain points, we go through your requirements and we suggest the best solutions tailored according to your business’s needs. Once you are 100% satisfied with the proposed plan, we provide you the DealerBeats solution that fits your requirements.


We at DealerBeats understand that people from technical as well as non-technical backgrounds must be able to operate the car dealer management system without any hassle and frets. Hence we provide our customers with effective training that enables them to use the software solution and reap maximum benefits.

24/7 Support

We provide 24/7 support for all your small or big queries. At DealerBeats, in order to ensure there are no disruptions in your business, we provide 24/7 support and ensure that we resolve all your queries within the given time frame.

Why choose DealerBeats’ Car dealership management software

At DealerBeats, we aim to provide the best-in-industry car dealership solution to equip your business with all the crucial tools necessary for your business to thrive. DealerBeats’ car dealer management solution is not only easy to use but also highly functional and it lets you manage all the areas of your business that take up most of your time, so that you can focus on one aspect that matters the most — your sales!


How DealerBeats marketing tools can help my business?

Many businesses never reach their target audience and potential customers just because people are not aware of the existence of these businesses. Even though these businesses are willing to and are capable of providing best-in-class services and products, they never get enough leads just because people are clueless. Hence, effective marketing is crucial for every business for not only surviving but also thriving. DealerBeats equip businesses with tools like search engine optimization, digital marketing, social media promotion, content marketing, etc.

How can a responsive car dealer website help my dealership?

There are many upsides of having a responsive website. But one of the biggest advantages is it puts your dealership on the digital map of the World Wide Web. Almost everyone checks google for finding a business and making a purchase and having a responsive car dealer website easily puts your dealership at an advantage. Apart from this, positive customer reviews help you build trust and credibility in no time and helps you keep your customers informed 24/7.

What are the advantages of automotive inventory management?

Many car dealerships face the problem of overstocking and understocking. And both factors can easily take a toll on the business. Understocking means leads and customers turning to your competitors and overstocking means an increase in vehicle maintenance, warehouse costs and investing in outdated models. But with DealerBeats’ automotive inventory management, you can keep track of your inventory, your vehicles, spare parts and stop investing in similar items. In addition to this, you can effectively reduce your warehouse cost.

How can I get the dealer management mobile app? Is it available for Android?

DealerBeats’ DMS app is available for both Android as well as iOS. To get the app, dealership owners need to buy a subscription. Once you have the subscription, you’ll be required to contact us or to send us an inquiry regarding the same. After this process is concluded, we’ll provide you the Android or iOS application as per your requirement and you can get started by signing up on the application without any hassle.

What features should I expect from a good car dealer management software?

A car dealership management system must come equipped with posting tools, automotive inventory management tools, car dealership CRM, marketing tools, posting tools, desking software, sales management, DMS app, etc. In addition to this, a car dealer management tool must also include vehicle history reports, credit score checker, automobile merchandising tool, photo overlay, VIN scanner. Caller management, analytics, account management, design templates, statistics, etc. DealerBeats comes equipped with all the above-listed features that help you manage your dealership effectively and boost your sales.

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by Aaron Lee, Oregon on

I wanted someone to handle the car dealership online marketing and SEO part of my car dealership website and I am impressed. Within a few months, my website has so much more traffic, it’s attracting several leads and I am getting many more inquiries. Kudos!

by Joshua Thompson, Ohio on

I wanted to get a website created but I was clueless about the process. I tried learning design and development on my own which didn’t work out well. I also tried reaching multiple design agencies but was not happy with what they were offering. Finally, I got in touch with people from  DealerBeats for a responsive car dealer website design and I cannot be happier. My new website looks great and is super user-friendly which has reduced the bounce-back rate. Thank you DealerBeats.

by Zachary Miller, Colorado on

With the help of DealerBeats’ automotive inventory management tool, my life has become so much easier. Not only my inventory is so much more organized, but also, I can keep track of all the spare parts. With the help of DealerBeats, I have successfully minimized my warehouse cost and I can find everything in one place without any hassle.

by Christian Gonzalez, New Jersey on

The campaigns run by DealerBeats for my car dealership digital marketing were extremely effective. My audience is growing, my posts have more likes and shares and engagement is also enhanced. With DealerBeats, more people get informed about the deals and discounts of my Dealership and I get more leads as well as conversations.

by Isaac Martinez, Michigan on

I had never known that social media could prove to be such a powerful tool for my car dealership digital marketing. Not only now I run campaigns that enhance my followers but also I get to interact with my audience which helps me understand their preferences. Now I can customize my inventory based on what my target audience is looking for. Thank you DealerBeats!

by William Thomas, Illinois on

I love how DealerBeats has helped me with my car dealership digital marketing and my online presence. Now in addition to getting leads from nearby areas, I also receive inquires as well as customers from all around the city. My Dealership is growing popular day by day among my target audience all thanks to DealerBeats.

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