Car Dealer Management Mobile App Development - iOS & Android

With Dealerbeat’s car dealer management mobile app development services, you can stay on top of your inventory management and marketing even when you’re on the move.

Car Dealer Management Mobile App Development Services for all your Car Dealer Business's Needs

Now manage your car dealership from your fingertips anytime, anywhere. Get the power of managing your inventory, accessing vehicle history, generating leads, keeping in touch with your customers, closing deals and so much more with our convenient and powerful mobile application. Our car dealer management mobile app development services cover everything a car dealership needs.

Scan and add to inventory

Our car dealer management mobile app allows you to scan the barcode on each automobile and update the inventory with the new product on the go. Unlike old fashioned paperwork and manual addition, this takes only a few minutes not hours to update your inventory and keep it fresh. With the notes feature of our car dealer mobile app, you can also add notes about the model and add additional information if it’s required.

Vehicle Listing Directly to the Website - Car Dealer Management Mobile App
dd vehicle listing directly to the website, on the go

Add vehicle listing directly to the website, on the go

With our car dealer management mobile app, you don’t have to make entries twice. Once the vehicle is added to the inventory, you can directly update the website with the new listing from the mobile app. This means there is no need for you to be physically present at the car dealership to update the website with the latest cars. You can do it from anywhere – from the mobile – in a few clicks.

Snap - Overlay - Upload

With this feature of DealerBeats’ car dealer management mobile app, you can make your inventory stand-out in just a few taps. In order to make the process simpler, quicker and more streamlined, our app opens up a camera where you can take a quick snap, apply filters if necessary, and upload them directly on the website. To make this even more interesting, we have introduced overlays. These overlays could be prices, key features of the car, best offer campaigns or any other marketing message that you think could go with the car photo. There is no restriction on how many photos you can upload to the website from your mobile app. So add as many vehicles you want and catch your customer’s attention in seconds.

Snap - Overlay - Upload - Car Dealer Management Mobile App
Edit and search the inventory for the car from the lot

Edit and search the inventory for the car from the lot

You don’t have to turn on your personal computer every time you want to make changes in your inventory. With DealerBeats’ car dealer management mobile app, edit and search feature, you can search any car in your inventory with simple search queries and you can make edits to any listing from the mobile app on the go. This makes it easier to keep track of everything without being physically present. Mark a car as sold, list the number of buyers interested in each listing, keep track of the colors available and other such important pieces of information – all from your mobile app. Run NMVTIS and CARFAX or AutoCheck title checks from anywhere, including your lot and the auction lanes.

Generate and run vehicle history reports

Instead of creating presentable documents for your customers manually, with this DealerBeats’ feature, you can convert vehicle history into beautiful PDF reports and send them to your users. We offer multiple report templates to get started with. You can edit the report whenever you want to – colors, font, call-to-action-buttons and so much more. The app also allows you to email these reports to prospective buyers from your smartphone devices, which eliminates the dependency of many solutions.

Generate and run vehicle history reports - Car Dealer Management Mobile App
Android and iOS - Car Dealer Management Mobile App

Available for both Android and iOS devices

Whether you have Android or iOS users in your team, they can all leverage the benefits of the app. We have created  car dealer mobile app for both Google Play and the App Store so that you can download and use DealerBeats without being confined to any one platform.

Instant VIN scanning

Point your phone at a vehicle identification number and our app identifies and decodes the vehicle’s basic specs in seconds. With another slide of your finger, you can do NMVTIS history checks, log new inventory in WebManager, or even run CARFAX & AutoCheck reports.

Instant VIN scanning - Car Dealer Management Mobile App
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Manage your deals effectively

With DealerBeats’ deal management system, you can keep track of all your deals’ statuses, search your leads and customers, examine their responses and set goals for your business.

Stay in touch with your customers always, with Customer Relationship

Now resolve all your leads and customers queries on the go with the inbuilt CRM. The CRM feature enables you to keep in touch with your old customers, keep them updated with new deals and offers and form lasting relationships.

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Data at your fingertips - Car Dealer Management Mobile App

Data at your fingertips

Our mobile app dashboard shows you all the important information in one place in a graphical view. From inventory to marketing, from lead generation to audience growth, monitor every aspect of your business and track the success of your marketing campaigns.

Additional Features of Our Car Dealer Management Mobile App

Push Notifications - Car Dealer Management

Push Notifications

Now keep your targeted customers informed by sending emails, offers, deals, sales events and so much more with push notifications.

Marketing tools - Car Dealer Management

Marketing tools

Our car dealer mobile app comes with integrated marketing tools that enable you to promote your inventory on social media, run marketing campaigns, create compelling car listings and so much more to get the word out there and grow your business.

Scheduling - Car Dealer Management


Our dealer management mobile app comes with a robust scheduling feature that enables you to schedule meetings, test drives, calls, events and so much more with just a few taps on the screen.

Reviews and Ratings - Car Dealer Management

Reviews and Ratings

Let your customers promote your business! By encouraging your customers to provide feedback for your services, you can get more leads and enhance your customer base with minimum efforts.

Finance Management - Car Dealer Management

Finance Management

With DealerBeats mobile app, keep track of your cash flow. Generate memos, finance reports and analyze your business by monitoring your profits from your phone

Statistics - Car Dealer Management


Our car dealer mobile app is equipped with a statistics feature that helps you monitor your progress and conduct a deep analysis of multiple aspects of your business.

How to get started with our car dealer management mobile app?

  • To get started, you need a subscription to our car dealer management platform.
  • Once you have bought the subscription, send us an enquiry or contact us for the mobile app. We will forward you the link to apps - Android and iOS. This additional step is required to ensure that we brief you about the app before you start using it. Also, the app links go to our customers only.
  • The next step will be signing up on the app.
  • Set up the app by filling in the details as required - name and address of the car dealership, access to your team and more.
  • That’s it. You are all set to start!
car dealer management app

Does my car dealership business need a car dealer management mobile app?

Many car dealership owners face this dilemma from time to time. They think if they already have a fully functioning web application, why should they invest in a car dealer mobile app? And that’s where they miss the point. The answer is yes, you should invest in a mobile application. Why? Because of the many upsides.

A mobile application gives you the freedom and the power of operating your business, keeping track of your leads,  converting leads into customers and closing deals from any part of the world. Instead of keeping you confined to a desk, it empowers you and your business and enables you to take your business anywhere. With a car dealer mobile app, you can speed up your business and make the management of your dealership easy by adding just one more aspect. A mobile application gives you the freedom and the power of operating your business, keeping track of your leads,  converting leads into customers and closing deals from any part of the world. Instead of keeping you confined to a desk, it empowers you and your business and enables you to take your business anywhere. With a car dealer mobile app, you can speed up your business and make the management of your dealership easy by adding just one more aspect.


Why should I invest in a car dealer mobile app when I already have a web application?

While web applications are a must for any business for management, they come with certain limitations. You cannot always be near a computer and you cannot carry your laptop everywhere. Just because you are away from your office doesn’t mean your business has to stop. With dealer management mobile application, you can take your business anywhere with you. Whether you are traveling domestically or internationally, your business goes with you and you can manage all the aspects effectively without any hassle.

How much time does the dealer management app development take?

The best part about DealerBeats’ mobile app is that you don’t have to wait for months for the app to get developed. We already have the application, so the answer is it doesn’t take any time. All you have to do is buy a subscription and send us an enquiry to acquire the app.

Can I use DealerBeats’ app on my iOS device?

Yes, you can. DealerBeats mobile app is available for both Android as well as iOS devices so that you can use our dealer management app on both the devices without any hassle.

Can I download DealerBeats’ dealer management app from the App Store or the Play store?

No. You can’t. In order to acquire the app, you’ll have to buy a subscription and notify us about the same. After receiving the notification, we’ll provide you the links from where the apps can be downloaded.

How do I sign up on the dealer management app?

Signing up on DealerBeats’ app is simple and takes only a few minutes. Tapping on the signup button will open up a form where you’ll have to fill simple details like name, address of your car dealership, etc and after you’re done, you’re all set.

What are some features of DealerBeats’ mobile app?

Our mobile app is equipped with the inventory management tool, marketing tools, sales and finance management tools, calendars, vehicle history reports, VIN scanning feature and so much more. Our mobile apps for car dealers is fully equipped with all the features that are required for the effective functioning of your car dealership.

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 6 reviews
by Rylee Morgan, Pennsylvania on

I love the inventory management and CRM feature of DealerBeats’ Dealer Management App. Not only I can manage my inventory but also I can solve my potential customer’s queries on the go. The app has enabled me to resolve all the issues and has helped me increase my customers as well as customer retention. Kudos!

by Adam Jones, New Jersey on

DealerBeats mobile app is a quick, simple and easy to use DMS app. What’s not to love? The app gives me the freedom to operate my business from anywhere. Now my business doesn’t suffer because of my business meetings and I can track my leads, my conversions, and sales! Thank you DealerBeats!

by Jackson Smith, California on

With DealerBeats’ dealer management app, I don’t have to get tied down to my business. I can manage my inventory, I can manage my finances and keep track of my sales from anywhere. Moving to a mobile app was the best decision for my business. Thank you!

by Kris Calrev on

The work done by DealerBeats was really amazing. Their communication is impeccable and due to their flexible working method, they are always available for any issues. I am elated by their work on my dealer management application.

by Mark Jonas on

They are excellent performers. I must not hesitate to write but their working pattern, their management, and their comprehensive nature is what allowed me to hand my another project for auto dealership to DealerBeats. I required a car dealer mobile application for my business and they delivered it on time.

by Fella Gutmann on

It feels an honour to work with such an amazing people. They have really helped us in foster our sales due to their automotive dealership solutions. I am really happy with their work and look forward to working with them again.

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