Efficient Auto Dealership Software for Smooth Car Dealership Management

Our auto dealer software proves to be a one-stop solution for flawless car dealership management and is a perfect option for the dealerships of varying sizes. Whether it’s about boosting up your sales or enhancing your business’s productivity, the auto dealer software offered by Dealereats has got you all covered !

  • Streamlining of Dealership Operations
  • Reduced Cost
  • Minimization of Repetitive Tasks
  • Gaining Qualified Leads

Organize your Auto Dealership Operations with the Best-in-class Auto Dealership Software

Most of the time, the car dealers stay deeply engaged in the hustles and bustles of managing the dealership operations and most of the times they end up opting for multiple options for managing different operations. Relying upon multiple solutions increases the complexity of the problems and makes them worse. Such scenarios can be overcome with the help of comprehensive auto dealership software that comes integrated with all the tools as well as traits that can contribute in enhancing the sales of your auto dealership business along with streamlining your operations.

Major Highlights of our Auto Dealership Software

Automotive CRM

Tons of data can be generated by the sales professionals but insufficient tools of data management can put all of the hard work in vain. To eradicate this issue, we integrate an automotive CRM in our auto dealership software that can assist you in managing internal as well as external interactions in an enhanced manner.  The automotive CRM aids you in storing and managing contact information of the enquiries, keeping track of the service issues and identifying new sales opportunities.

Manage Contacts - Car Dealer Software Solution
Edit and search the inventory for the car from the lot

Craigslist Post Utility

Craigslist proves to be really useful for attracting customers along with posting the inventory but the issues faced by most of the auto dealers is cluttering of posting websites with multiple adverts. All of these adverts continually compete with each other for gaining the highest position thus it becomes a vital task to establish a stable and higher position in list. Our auto dealership software comes with the requisite tools for boosting up your listings and helping you to bring the spotlight on your inventory along with saving the time. 

Google Analytics

Most of the time, multiple businesses fail to reach their target audience due to the outdated business strategies adopted by them. Businesses always get mislead with the correct target audience as they lack the proper insights about the most visited pages on their website. Presence of google analytics in our auto dealership platform enables the businesses to get complete insight about the count and activity of visitors on their website. Whether it’s about the visitor’s age , gender or geographical area, you can get comprehensive details about them through Google analytics which eventually helps you to optimize the pages in your website and improvise your strategies.

Automotive Inventory Management: Best Car Dealer Software Providers
Desking Management Software: Dealer Management Software System

Digital Paperwork

Traditional methods of paperwork are quite time consuming and are more prone to errors. Errors in important documents could lead to an increased workload along with wastage of time. Keeping such scenarios in mind, our auto dealership software supports digital paperwork for elimination of manual errors along with the offering the quick access to crucial papers through powerful search feature.

Sales Management Tool

The integration of sales management tools in our auto dealership software provides better insights along with helping you to maintain business transparency. We equip you with the requisite metrics regarding your sales executives and you can get the complete insights about the daily calls as well as the sales that are done by your team. This enables you to create better goals and improved sales strategies. Our sales management tool not only helps you in making your business transparent  but also maximizing the revenue generation of your business.

Car Dealer Software Solutions
Responsive across all platforms - Responsive Car Dealer Website Design

Efficiently-Developed Auto Dealership Website

Nowadays most people rely upon online sources for fulfilling their business needs. In such an era, it becomes extremely crucial for the businesses to establish a strong online presence for capturing all the potential leads through online sources. Having a well-developed and feature-rich auto dealership website helps you to reach a larger audience and make them aware about your services, inventory, business, etc. We, at We develop state-of-the-art and highly responsive auto dealership website for your business needs.

Marketing Tools

Most of the time, businesses are unable to reach their target audiences due to poor marketing methodologies and lack of insights about their customers. Thus, our auto dealership comes with marketing tools for helping the businesses to promote their auto dealer brand and enhancing their brand recognition among the target audience.

Automotive Merchandising - Car Dealer Software Solution
Integrated Bank Programs - Car Dealership Software Solutions

Multiple Reliable Payment Options

Safe payment transactions is one of the most crucial aspects of any online platform. Thus we integrate multiple safe payment gateways in our auto dealership software which helps your customers in carrying out hassle-free transactions without staying worried about the security aspects. We are connected with some of the most reliable payment gateway providers and are thus capable of integrating plethora of safe payment methods in our auto dealership software.

Advanced Features of our Auto Dealership Software

DealerBeats car dealership software is a feature-loaded solution that helps you rectify all the daily dealership challenges. In addition to the features listed above, DealerBeats comes equipped with additional features that simplify daily tasks for you

Scheduling - Car Dealer Management

Search Engine Optimized Auto Dealership Platform

We ensure that we deliver you a search engine friendly auto dealership platform that is optimized with all the requisite SEO aspects for helping your business get better relevance on search engine.

Posting tools - Smart Inventory Management for Car Dealerships

Buy Here Pay Here

BHPH or buy here pay here feature in our auto dealership software helps you to manage your users and their payments efficiently along with proper maintenance of their transaction records, deals, accounts, dates and much more.

Flexible Scheduling - Craigslist Posting for Car Dealers

Vehicle History

The vehicle history feature helps you to stay updated with the track record of every vehicle at each stage of sales. This impeccable feature not only helps you to promote trust and establish business transparency but also assists you in closing the deals in a better way.

Reviews and Ratings - Car Dealer Management

Digital Forms

Collection of data through manual forms proves to be a tedious and frustrating task as scanning each detail thoroughly demands a lot of time. Thus we integrate digital forms in our auto dealership software for collecting information in an organized manner.

Finance Management - Car Dealer Management

Auto Dealer Mobile App Development

In the era of smartphones, it becomes necessary to get a mobile application developed for your business. We are backed by a strong team of mobile app developers who develop a responsive and feature-wrapped auto dealer mobile app development for your business.

Photo overlays - Smart Inventory Management for Car Dealerships

Design Templates

For enhancing the look and feel of your inventory and for making it engaging, we include design templates in our auto dealership software. These design templates not only contribute in making you stand out on the known posting sites but also get more traffic for your listings.

Fulfill your Dealership Requirements with our State-of-the-art Auto Dealership Software

Auto dealership software developed by Dealerbeats not only eases up your dealership’s business operations but also boosts up the sales of your business

  • Top of the Line Branding Tools for Enhancing Online Presence
  • Automotive Inventory Management Tools for Cutting Down Warehouse Cost
  • Powerful Searching Tools for Quick Access of Crucial Information
  • More Customer Engagement with Responsive Auto Dealer Website
Auto Dealership Software

Benefits Offered by our Auto Dealership Software

Automation of Routine Dealership Tasks

The routine dealership tasks get automated and the manual tasks get eliminated through our feature-rich auto dealership software thereby making the business management easier for you.

Enhanced Lead Generation

The lead generation for your dealership business gets a boost due to search engine optimization of your auto dealer platform by enhancing its relevance on search engine and bringing more relevant traffic on your platform.

More Customer Engagement with Mobile and Tablet Friendly Website

Our mobile as well as tablet friendly auto dealership website helps you to entice more count of target audiences towards your platform.

Reduced Complexities of Tasks

The auto dealership business operations get eased up and streamlined through multiple features available in our auto dealership software.

Why DealerBeats?

DealerBeats is a recognized name in the auto dealership software development industry and provides the feature-rich and ultra-modern auto dealership software for your business needs. Whether it’s about integration of best-in-class features in the platform or reliable third-party integrations, we have got you all covered. We aim at serving our clients with the best possible work without burning holes in their pockets.

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What do you understand by auto dealership software?

Auto dealership software is a dealer management solution that assists auto dealers businesses in boosting their sales and streamlining their dealership operations by automating the processes and reducing the manual work.

What are the Expected Features in an auto dealership software?

Expected features in an auto dealership software includes:-

  • Automotive Inventory Tools
  • Automotive CRM
  • Marketing Tools
  • Digital Paperwork
  • Photo Overlay
  • Payment Gateway Integration etc

What is the importance of search engine optimization of auto dealership platforms?

Search engine optimization of auto dealership platforms help in enhancing the online presence of your auto dealership website and getting it ranked high on search engine which eventually contributes in bringing more engagement to the platform.

Which are the crucial marketing tools for auto dealership software?

    Crucial marketing tools for auto dealership software includes:-
  • Responsive car dealership website
  • Automated campaigns
  • Search engine optimization
  • Google analytics
  • Social media promotion
  • Content marketing
  • Marketing and integration
  • Craigslist posting tools etc.

Trending News

DealerSocket, a renowned and leading automotive software solutions provider made an announcement regarding completion of acquisition of Auto/Mate which is a leading name in DMS(Dealer Management Systems) for the automotive dealerships. This acquisition not only brings together two renowned companies that are customer service focused but also offer a comprehensive new option of an intelligent platform for dealers.

The global insurtech leader, Cover Genius has partnered with AutoMatrix, a DMS(Dealer Management Software) company for giving dealerships the ability of offering complete auto insurance for the customers. Cover Genius’s warranty and insurance distribution platform offers protection for customers belonging to largest online companies in the world.

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