Auto dealership management software to help you close more deals and upsurge your sales

DealerBeats provides a top-notch car dealer software solution that helps you promote your business, enhances your reach and helps you generate qualified leads.

  • Cloud-based System
  • On-demand Customisation
  • 50+ Website Themes
  • 25+ Third-Party Integrations
  • Best-in-class Marketing Tools

Boost Your Enterprise’s Productivity with Our Auto Dealership Management Software

Looking for a dealer management system that does all the heavy lifting for you? Looking for ways to do more, automate redundant processes and save more time? Then DealerBeats car dealership software is the ideal pick. DealerBeats not only helps you in inventory management, marketing, enhancing your reach and building better relationships but also boosts the productivity of your enterprises by equipping you with tools that simplify your daily tasks. When DealerBeats does all the work, you can focus on what matters the most for your car dealer business, that is, your leads, your customers and your sales. 

Major Highlights of Our Auto Dealership Management Software

DealerBeats car dealership software is not only highly functional, but it’s also feature-loaded where each feature is designed to reduce your daily workload, simplify tasks and automate crucial yet redundant processes.

Facebook Marketplace Integration for Better Promotion

Harness the power of one of the most powerful platforms and get refined leads from your local area. Post in four simple and easy steps, become discoverable with powerful facebook filters, recruit your staff, build trust and reputation and get the messages and inquiries from your potential customers right in your inbox. Make the most of this lucrative marketplace with DealerBeats car dealer software and start selling more today!

Car dealership website analytics for your Automotive Dealership software
Automotive Inventory Management: Best Car Dealer Software Providers

Photo Overlay for Enhancing Reach

Now brand your inventory and put your dealership’s crucial details on the pictures of your vehicles with DealerBeats photo overlay feature. This feature allows you to not only make your inventory more desirable to your target audience but also allows you to customize it. Add important details such as your logo, your website’s URL, your contact number, your name or the name of your lead salesperson and enables you to generate maximum leads by posting your inventory on several platforms.

Website Theme Selection for Powerful First-impressions

Grab the attention of your users by providing them highly functional, easy to browse, intuitive and gorgeous websites. Choose from more than 50 themes and pick the one that best suits your business’s needs. Get the theme customized to resonate with your brand guidelines and make powerful first impressions with our clean, crisp and modern website themes.

Customizable Design Templates - Craigslist Posting for Car Dealers
Build trust and strong presence with Branding - Craigslist Posting for Car Dealers

Automobile Merchandising for Getting Discovered

Now do more in less time with our automotive merchandising tools by putting your phone to use. Take pictures of your inventory from your phone and upload them in a snap and highlight the features of the vehicle by creating engaging vehicle descriptions that will make your inventory more desirable. Get discovered by more potential customers and convert them into customers effectively.   

Automated Email Notifications for Keeping your customers Updated

Increase the engagement of your users, re-engage old customers and enhance customer retention. Keep your customers informed about the events, offers, deals and discounts in your dealership and increase your conversion rates with minimum efforts. Target the right audience with automated emails and track all the metrics and measure the success of your campaigns effectively.

Manage Contacts - Car Dealer Software Solution
Automotive Digital Marketing

Quickbooks Integration for Simplified Accounting

Get equipped with the power of cloud accounting and keep everything organized with QuickBooks. Record and track your expenses, create sales receipts, custom invoices, build account reports, manage the cash flow in your enterprise and enjoy the data security with automated backups without any hassle with Quickbooks integration.

Document Management for Ease of Access

When you rely on traditional methods of document management, there is always a possibility of losing them, which can result in a horrible situation. But DealerBeats makes the document management easy. Now scan all the crucial documents like car papers, agreements and many more, access them with just a click, and never lose any crucial document again.  

Desking Management Software: Dealer Management Software System
Manage Better with Dealer Management Mobile App

Digital and Custom Forms for Better Documentation

Improve your documentation process with our digital and custom forms. Add, edit and delete form fields, collect information without any hassle and keep your documentation process as seamless as possible. In addition to this, collect information about your users effectively with minimum spam by harnessing the power of form validation.

Additional Features of Our Auto Dealership Management Software

Apart from all the features listed above, our car dealership software comes equipped with additional features that aim to simplify the management of your car dealership

Scheduling - Car Dealer Management

Craigslist Post Utility

Harness the power of one of the most preferred market places on the web and increase your sales with our Craigslist post utility tool.

Posting tools - Smart Inventory Management for Car Dealerships

Google Analytics

Get your hands on all the crucial information about your visitors, know what's trending on your car dealership website and form better business strategies to convert these visitors into customers.

Inventory - Car Dealer Software Providers

Social Media Promotion

Get the spotlight for your car dealership and put it on the digital map. Promote your business effectively on social media and give a boost to your marketing strategy.

Automated verification - Craigslist Posting for Car Dealers

Spare Parts Management

Now keep track of all the spare parts in your inventory and stay ready for every challenge. Stock precisely and cut down costs with our spare parts management tool.

Reviews and Ratings - Car Dealer Management

Vehicle History

Bring complete transparency to your sales process and stay updated with all the information about the vehicle with our vehicle history tool.

Multiple Ads Management - Craigslist Posting for Car Dealers

Media Managers

Keep track of all your media and access them in a snap with media managers. Store all the media files and find them within seconds with a powerful search feature.

Keep track of your leads and form better relationships with your customers with our Dealer management system

DealerBeats dealer management system helps you keep track of not only multiple departments of your dealership but also enables you to effectively track your leads and your customers.

  • Automotive CRM for long-lasting relationships.
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Boosted Business
  • Optimized Processes
Export inventory in various formats using Inventory Management

Upsides of Using DealerBeats’ Auto Dealership Management Software

DealerBeats not only comes with best-in-class features but also renders several multiple benefits to our customers. Leverage the power of the most powerful car dealership software and make the most of your investment. 

We help you generate qualified leads

Our marketing tools that cover digital marketing, content marketing, search engine optimization, Google analytics and much more help you generate qualified leads.

We help you automate your processes

The tools that come with DealerBeats help you minimize redundant and manual tasks by helping you automate the processes.

We put your inventory in the spotlight

With the help of partner integration programs, we help you post on multiple listing websites that bring quality traffic of potential buyers to your dealership.

We boost your online presence

Our car dealership websites along with a strong search engine optimization strategy boost your online presence and help you become more discoverable.

Why Choose Our Auto Dealership Management Software

DealerBeats is ideal for small car dealerships, used car dealerships and new car dealerships. DealerBeats is tailored to meet all the requirements of car dealerships and is designed to simplify daily tasks, routine processes and overall management. Equipped with several tools, DealerBeats not only makes the management easy but also renders several benefits by doing the heavy lifting for you.

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What is an auto dealership management software?

An auto dealership management software or dealer management software is a solution that allows car dealership owners to simplify the management of their car dealership. Each tool and feature in car dealership software is designed to assist dealership owners to simplify daily tasks, minimize manual work and automate redundant tasks.

What are the features of the best auto dealership management software?

An ideal auto dealership management software or car dealer software comes equipped with tools and features that make the management of a car dealership easy. These tools include Inventory management tool, automotive CRM, Facebook marketplace integration, document management, desking management, marketing tools, car dealership websites, photo overlay, automotive merchandising, sales management, accounting tools, finance management, media managers, digital forms and so much more.

How can Facebook help my car dealer business?

Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms that attract traffic in millions every single day and one of the features of this platform, which is specifically designed for entrepreneurs is the Facebook marketplace. With powerful filters, visitors can navigate through the marketplace, which helps in making you more discoverable. Facebook helps you pitch better as it provides your targeted audience which helps in multiplying the chances of conversion.

How can car dealership websites help my car dealership business?

A car dealership website puts you and your business on the digital map. It helps you establish trust among the audience, helps you promote your business effectively, gives a boost to your marketing strategy, helps you promote your offerings and helps your business become more discoverable.

How can SEO help me generate more leads for my car dealer business?

If you have a website, having an SEO strategy in place helps your website rank better on google. When your website ranks better, it helps your website get more clicks and drives in quality traffic that’s looking to make a purchase from your business. A strong SEO strategy can help you become more visible to your target audience and can convert your website into a primary source of qualified leads.

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