User-friendly auto dealer software for hassle free car dealership management

Ideal for dealerships of all sizes, our car dealer software helps car dealers minimize repetitive tasks, boost productivity, gain greater visibility, gain qualified leads,  skyrocket sales and form better relationships.

  • Get Organised
  • Cut Down Cost
  • Stock Better
  • Automate Tasks

Slash Costs, Eliminate Mundane Tasks and Get Organised With DealerBeats’ Auto Dealer Management Software

Most independent car dealers rely on several solutions for several tasks. As a result, they get so tangled in the daily time consuming activities that it starts taking a toll on their sales! Hence, we at DealerBeats have developed a comprehensive solution that helps car dealers focus on what matters the most. Our car dealer software comes equipped with diverse tools and traits that helps our customers get organised, reduce cost, enhance their reach, increase qualified leads and boost sales. Contact us for auto dealer software free demo today!

Key Features of Our Auto Dealer Software Solution

DealerBeats is one of the most comprehensive solutions that comes with various features essential for the seamless functioning of your car dealership. These features help you minimize manual work and automate processes so that you can focus on your sales and your customer.

Digital Paperwork for Hassle-free Documentation

There is always a room for human errors when you are handling your important paperwork by making use of time-consuming traditional methods. Not only these small errors can be embarrassing but also add unnecessary work to your daily task list. Hence our car dealership software comes with digital paperwork which aims to not only eliminate these errors but also gives you quick access to your important papers with the powerful search feature.

Automotive Digital Marketing
Valuable Insights with Analytics - Car Dealer Software Solution

Sales Management for Transparency

Sales management tool gives your better insights and helps you maintain transparency in your business by equipping you with metrics about your sales executives. Now get all the insights about daily calls and sales closed by your sales team to create improved, optimised sales strategies and create better goals. Sales management not only makes your business and its departments more transparent but also helps you maximise revenue generation. 

In the era of smartphones, every one performs a Google search when they are looking to buy something. And this goes the same in case of cars as well. If your business lacks online presence, you can easily miss out on several leads and opportunities. Having a website not only helps your customers reach you better but also helps you educate them about your business, inventory, services etc. Hence a car dealer website helps you gain better leads and boosts conversions.

Responsive across all platforms - Responsive Car Dealer Website Design
Responsive Car Dealer Website Design

Google Analytics for Valuable Insights

Several businesses never reach their potential because of their outdated strategies. They target the wrong audience, they lack insights about their popular website pages and both of these factors take a toll on their business. Hence Google analytics help you get your hands on all the insights required by equipping them with crucial information about their website visitors. This information includes visitors age, their geographical area, their gender, popular pages on your website etc. Not only this information helps you create better strategies but also helps you target your audiences better and optimise your pages.  

Craigslist is great for posting your inventory and attracting customers. But it’s also true that most of these posting websites are cluttered with several adverts competing for the top position. Hence standing out becomes crucial. And for this purpose, our car dealer software comes equipped with tools required to give your listings a boost. We equip you with tools that not only help you get spotlight for your inventory but also help you save time. With features like photo overlay and custom design templates, you can personalise your listings and save time with automated posting with our craigslist software for posting.

Craigslist Posting - Auto Dealer Software
Desking Management Software

Your sales professionals can generate tons of data, but if you lack tools to manage this data, all their efforts go in vain. Automotive CRM helps you drive success to your business by helping you manage internal as well as external interactions better. Automotive CRM helps you store and manage contact information of your inquiries, existing customers as well as new prospects, keep track of service issues and identify new opportunities for sales. In addition to this, a CRM helps you keep track of all the aspects of customer service, create personalised interactions and build strong relationships.   

Marketing Tools for Brand Awareness and Recognition

Several businesses never reach their target audience because of ineffective and poor marketing strategies. Some businesses market themselves well but they lack insights about their target audience. Hence our dealer management system provides marketing tools that help businesses combat both these challenges. The marketing tools help you promote your dealership as a brand and effective marketing strategies help you increase brand awareness and recognition.

Marketing Tools - Auto Dealer Software
Inventory Search - Smart Inventory Management for Car Dealerships

Trusted Payment Gateways for Fret-free Transactions

Our car dealership software comes equipped with several payment gateways that help you carry your transactions without any frets. We only use third party payment gateways that are used worldwide and are used by the global leaders on their platforms. At DealerBeats, we understand the value of your data and importance of its protection and hence we provide multiple payment gateways for hassle-free transactions. 

For several business owners, one of the major challenges is handling their daily tasks and processes remotely. As a result, they get tied down to their business. But marketing, promotions, making contacts requires a significant amount of travelling which takes a toll on your business. Hence we provide dealer management mobile application so that car dealership owners can manage all the aspects and operate their business effectively from their fingertips anytime from anywhere.

Dealer Management Mobile App
Social Media integration - Automotive Digital Marketing

SEO for Ranking on First Page of Google

Having a car dealer website is always an added advantage for your business. Not only it helps you provide all the information to your customers about your business but also it helps you get better leads. But these leads get boosted when you rank well on Google. And this is where Search Engine Optimization comes into play. SEO not only helps you climb up the ranks in Google, but also optimizes your website for your target audience.

Additional Features of Our Dealer Management System

Apart from all the features listed above, DealerBeats comes with various additional features so that you don’t have to rely on any other software for any small or big task.

Run Credit - Car Dealer Software Providers

Buy Here Pay Here

Manage your customers and their payments effectively with buy here pay here feature of DealerBeats. Manage your portfolio, your deals, modifications, dates ,accounts and analyse your BHPH model with analytics.

Photo overlays - Smart Inventory Management for Car Dealerships

Photo Overlay

Now leverage the power of photo overlay feature and personalise your inventory. Put your brand name on your inventory and empower your marketing campaign. Add custom colors, your logo, dealership name, your website’s URL, address and promotional message with photo overlay.

Social Media Promotion - Car dealership software

Contact Management

Storing important contacts using traditional methods can be frustrating. Not only it makes finding contacts when required a daunting task but also losing these contact books can be a nightmare. Hence our auto dealership software not only helps you manage all your contacts easily but also helps you find them in a snap with powerful search feature.

Reviews and Ratings - Car Dealer Management

Vehicle History

Now stay updated with the history of every vehicle at every stage of sales with vehicle history feature. Not only staying updated helps you close deals better but also promotes transparency and establishes trust.

Multiple Ads Management - Craigslist Posting for Car Dealers

Design Templates

Design templates help you enhance the look of your inventory and help you make it eye-catching. This not only helps you stand out on posting websites but also helps you drive more traffic to your listings.

Budget Management - Craigslist Posting for Car Dealers

Digital Forms

Collecting information using manual forms is not only time consuming but also frustrating. Scanning through each and every detail can take a lot of time and can increase unnecessary tasks. Hence our auto dealership software comes with digital forms that help you send forms in a jiffy and collect information. In addition to this, you can also customise form field as per your requirements.

Flexible Scheduling - Craigslist Posting for Car Dealers

Media Managers

Media managers help you get access to all your important files, promotional material, inventory images, videos etc at one place. With the powerful search feature, you can get access to all the media files with just one click and use them as per your requirement.

Marketing tools - Car Dealer Management


Reports help you gain insights about all the aspects and render a clear view of your business with the areas that need your immediate attention. Conduct a complete analysis and make amendments in your strategies by harnessing the power of reports.

Sales Management - Car Dealer Software Providers

Powerful Search

Each and every feature and tool of DealerBeats’ auto dealership software helps you get access to all the crucial information in a snap. Just enter the keywords in the search bar, press enter and get access to all the vital information.

One-Stop Dealer Management System for all your car dealership needs

Looking for an auto dealer management software solution to make management of your car dealership easier? Then DealerBeats is an ideal pick. Equipped with several features, DealerBeats helps you to 

  • Keep customers informed with responsive car dealer websites
  • Build a brand with top-notch branding tools
  • Reach your audience better with marketing tools
  • Cut down warehouse cost with automotive inventory management tool
Export inventory in various formats using Inventory Management

Diverse Benefits of Using DealerBeats’ Car Dealership Software

Not only our dealer management system arms your dealership with tools crucial for getting organised and boosting sales, but also it renders several benefits.

We eliminate manual tasks

Our car dealership software helps you eliminate manual tasks by automating your routine tasks. Not only this reduces manual work and saves you time but also allows you to plan ahead and do more.

We get you better leads and inquiries

Search engine optimization boosts the rank of your website and our car dealer website helps you educate your visitors, provides complete list of your services and helps you convert them into customers.

We modernise your website

Everyone uses their phone for accessing the web. And hence, we update your website and make it mobile and tab friendly so that more and more customers can reach you without any hassle.

We provide best-in-industry training

We not only provide best-in-industry software but we also equip you with best in industry training. We help you understand the software and provide training so that you can make the most of it. Connect with us for auto dealer software free demo today!

Why Choose DealerBeats’ Auto dealer software

DealerBeats dealer management system saves you time, helps you reduce costs and gives a boost to your sales. It’s one of the most comprehensive solutions that gives you access to diverse tools and features, which enable you to manage all the aspects of your business namely your relations, inventory, marketing etc. With several happy clients worldwide and 24/7 customer support, DealerBeats becomes one of the ideal pick for your car dealership. Get in touch with us for auto dealer software free demo today!

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What is an auto dealer software?

Auto dealer software, also known as dealer management system is a solution that helps car dealership owners boost their sales and help them streamline their car dealership business by helping them automate their processes, reduce manual work, renders them valuable insights and so much more.

What are the features of an auto dealer management software?

An auto dealer management software or auto dealership software equips you with several features like SEO, marketing tools, automotive inventory tools, posting tool integrations, automotive CRM, digital paperwork, photo overlay, contact management tools, statistics, reports etc.

Which marketing tools are essential for car dealerships?

Marketing tools for car dealerships involve a responsive car dealership website, search engine optimization, google analytics, content marketing, social media promotion, marketing and integration, automated campaigns, craigslist posting tools etc.

What is a Craigslist marketing tool or Craigslist software tool?

Craigslist marketing tool or Craigslist software for posting by DealerBeats helps car dealership owners make the most of Craigslist. The tool consists of automated posting tools, minimize flagging, helps them enhance the look of inventory with photo overlay, provides easy payment modes, helps owners brand their dealership etc.

Why are digital forms essential for car dealerships?

Digital forms help car dealers get authentic information of their customers and help them minimize spams. Digital forms come with customizable fields and also come with validations which helps you get your hands on spam-free data.

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