Your One-Stop Car Dealer Management Software Solution

Auto Dealer Software is what you need for an end-to-end dealership. It comprises solutions that include Car Inventory Management, Automotive Digital Marketing Solutions, CRM, Accounting and Car Desking which make your dealership an efficient and compatible one.

State-of-the-art Car Dealer Software Solutions

Automotive Inventory Management

Automotive Inventory Management

With the help of the automotive inventory management tool, you can control, manage and keep track of all the items in your inventory without any hassle.

Automotive Desking Software helps with all your queries at a place

Dealership Desking Tools

Never get buried under paperwork ever again. With DealerBeats, you can easily minimize your paperwork and maintain all the data in one place.

Dealer digital Marketing solutions to increase your presence online and traffic in your website

Automotive Marketing Solutions

Expand your horizons and maximize your reach with our marketing solutions and stay one step ahead, always. Use our marketing solutions to reach your target audience and get more customers.

Car Dealership CRM Software

Car Dealership CRM Software

Build new relationships and replenish old relationships with your customers with our powerful CRM. Send emails, manage contacts and keep in touch with your customers, always.

Automotive Industry Integrations

Automotive Industry Integrations

Never miss another opportunity and get on the top of the list of Autotrader, Craigslist, eBay, Facebook, vAuto and many more with our automotive industry integrations.

Move your Car Dealership Forward with DealerBeats

All-In-One Automotive Dealership Software Solutions

Bring us your dealership problem, we are here to fix them all. DealerBeats comes with a complete solution for your dealership. This makes your dealership business more easy and simpler for your customers and helps them in understanding your business better.
Exclusive Inventory Management for Car Dealers

Exclusive Inventory Management for Car Dealers

From sending proposals to closing deals, DealerBeats helps you manage and monitor your automotive inventory from one place easily. Our automotive inventory management feature not only simplifies the flow of your business by updating your inventory whenever sales and purchases are made but also helps you with:

  • Import inventory from multiple sources
  • Export in various formats
  • Simple Merchandising
  • Create compelling listings
  • Manage inventory – from anywhere
  • Inventory Distribution
  • Stock Locator
  • Inventory Search
  • Vehicle History
  • Pricing

SEO based Car Dealership Marketing

In today’s fast-paced world, traditional marketing methods are not enough to keep up with the competition. If you do not have a strong online presence, you are missing out on tons of opportunities! But our dealer management software ensures that you not only keep up but you stay ahead. With our modern marketing methods tailored to serve all the modern-day marketing needs, we put your car dealership on the digital map by making use of:

  • Digital Marketing
  • SEO
  • Google Analytics
  • Social Media
  • Craigslist
  • Responsive Websites
  • Precise Price
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Automate campaign segmentation
Automotive Digital Marketing solutions to reach maximum number of people for your car dealership
Our desking management system provide dealers with trade evaluation

Flexible Desking Management Software

One challenge faced by every business, big or small is loads and loads of paperwork. In addition to this, even if you have a team to do all the dirty work for you, human error is inevitable and the cycle goes on. When this paperwork starts piling up, it hinders what you do the best. It hinders your sales. The automotive desking tools in DealerBeats not only handle all your paperwork for you but also render several benefits listed below:

  • Provide customer with trade evaluation
  • Show integrated bank programs
  • Move Your Metal at
  • Warp Speed
  • Structure Deals With
  • Total Flexibility
  • Your Collections Powerhouse
  • Inventory Search
  • Flexible, Integrated
  • Present payment matrix to customer and put the choice in their hands

Dealership related extensive Integrations

Whether you want to get your listing on some of the top car dealers or you want to inform your family and friends about the new cars in your inventory, our integrated dealer management system has got you covered. With DealerBeats, you get can conveniently integrate:

  • Autotrader
  • Craigslist
  • facebook
  • ebay
  • Dealertrack
  • vAuto
Car Dealer Software
Automotive CRM

Automotive CRM

Manage contacts, calls and keep in touch with your customers with minuscule efforts. At DealerBeats, we value long term relationships just like you do. And hence, we have equipped our car dealer management software solution with an automotive CRM. Our auto dealer CRM feature helps you stay connected with your customers even after you’ve closed the deal.

  • Call Management & Web Analyzer
  • Desking
  • Analytics
  • Internet Lead Management
  • Sales Management
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Show integrated bank programs
  • Aggregate leads from all your sites
  • Route your leads by vehicle, source, and schedule
  • Present payment matrix to customer and put the choice in their hands

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Features for Car Dealer Management

Buy Here Pay Here​ at Dealer Beats

Buy Here Pay Here​

Simplify your in-house dealership financing with our Buy Here Pay Here module. It keeps track of your accounting, financial reports, payment history, late notices, etc. Not only this feature helps you minimize your paperwork but it also keeps your business safe and secure.

Craigslist Posting Tool Car Dealer Software

Craigslist Post Utility

This feature of DealerBeats helps your business to gain traction with minimum efforts. The utility of quick posting on craigslist allows you to showcase your latest car dealer inventory to your customers. It ensures that your inventory always remains fresh and new to your customers along with the ads that always surface online.

Automobile Merchandising - Car Dealer Management Software Solution

Automobile Merchandising

With so many competitors in the market, how do you get discovered? How do you make sure your inventory stands out and appeals to your customers? With our strong automotive merchandising feature, we make sure your inventory not only catches the attention of your customers but also sells. With our powerful marketing strategies, we make the cars in your inventory extremely desirable. Our automobile merchandising includes content marketing, advertisements, long descriptive images, and videos so that your inventory is discoverable to your audience.

Document Management Car Dealer Software

Data Recharge

An information service program that enhances sold and prospect records by performing NCOA, DNC vault, and annexes email addresses and cell phone numbers.

Google Analytics - Automobile Merchandising - Car Dealer Management Software Solution

Google Analytics

Leverage the power of google analytics and find out how your potential customers are finding you. Not only google analytics help you locate the sources of your leads, but it also equips you with insights about what's trending on your website. When you know what your customers love, you can get the right vehicles in your inventory.

Digital Paperwork - Google Analytics - Automobile Merchandising - Car Dealer Management Software Solution

Digital Paperwork

Transformation is what we believe in. We transform all your paperwork into digital documentation so that you never face any kind of trouble on later stages and can easily find your customer’s details on a single click. Our aim is to minimize your paperwork and to make your life easier. With digital paperwork and easy access, we ensure you focus on closing the deal while DealerBeats takes care of everything else.

Sales Management - Digital Paperwork - Google Analytics - Automobile Merchandising - Car Dealer Management Software Solution

Sales Management

Maintain the entire performance of the car dealership with a centralized system that leads to sales. This, in turn, enhances the overall working of the car dealership from an interactive desk. From sending quotes to making sales, manage all your activities in one place. Sales management helps you with managing contacts, leads, customers, orders and so much more. In addition to this, you get analytics and statistics which equip you with valuable insights about your business.

Credit Checks - Sales Management - Digital Paperwork - Google Analytics - Automobile Merchandising - Car Dealer Management Software Solution

Credit Checks

Reports retrieval is easy with or ultimate desking management system. Our DMS desking management software gets you credit reports from multiple sources and save it your respective contact.

Statistics - Car Dealer Software


Disrupting technology that gives your dealership profitable opportunities and hence an increased in a number of sales.

Responsive Dealer Websites

Responsive Dealer Websites

With changing trends, almost everyone performs a google search from their computers or their mobile phones before making a big purchase. If your website is glitchy or doesn’t work on mobile phones, you might be missing out on tremendous opportunities. Hence responsive Websites play an important role in the user’s engagement with your brand. We provide responsive websites that could be easily accessed on n number of devices so that you can keep your potential as well as existing customers informed 24/7 and get leads while you sleep.

Social Media Promotion - Credit Checks - Sales Management - Digital Paperwork - Google Analytics - Automobile Merchandising - Car Dealer Management Software Solution

Social Media Promotion

By promoting your business on social media, you can target the right audience. And when you target the right audience, you generate the right leads that eventually convert into customers. With the help of social media, you can also keep in touch with your existing customers and keep them updated with new offers and deals.

Benefits of Car Dealer Management System

Once you are with us, leave everything on us. With our exclusive solutions, you get many benefits that give you the best top-class dealership experience. DealerBeats dealership management software provides you following benefits for your dealership business.

Inventory Management

Reduce cost and effort with our Easy to manage inventory along with a lot of integrations. With inventory management, you can keep effortlessly control and stay informed about your inventory.


Market your inventory with a multichannel approach and generate leads. Get the word out there and claim your place on the digital platforms. With effective marketing schemes, now you can stay ahead of your competitors, target the right audience, gain more followers and get the right leads that convert into customers.


Increase your sales by using our DMS which makes you the most profitable deals. With our automotive DMS solution, get the accurate position and status of your business. In addition to managing all aspects of your business in-house, get insights about your departments as well as staff and measure your success effectively.


Retain your customers with BHPH or third party vendors to manage accounting and finance in-house. Integrate several platforms, enhance your visibility, generate high traffic to your listings, get better leads, convert more and close more deals within days. Long story short, boost your sales and maximize your profit!


Retain one of the most important assets of your business. Your customers. Stay connected with your customers and build lasting relationships with our auto dealer CRM and retain more than 23% of your customers. In addition to this, we’d love to customize this software for your ideas.

On Demand

Whether you are a small business owner or you operate on a large scale, whether you require a little assistance or you need a complete solution to accelerate your business. We’ve got you covered. We develop new and custom features based on our customer’s demand.
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What makes DealerBeats Best Car Dealer Software?

At DealerBeats, your success is our mission. And hence we strive to provide the best to our customers at all times. Some of the biggest advantages of collaborating with us are that we provide high-quality services in terms of inventory management, marketing, integrations and on-demand development of features to meet all our customer’s requirements. We also provide facilities such as dealer management services in order to increase your sales and get you the most profitable deals along with customer relationship management (via car dealer CRM feature) to customize software for optimum customer satisfaction. We are very keen to work and provide supreme conveniences so that you can grow your revenue and increase your customer base and to establish yourselves a prime spot in the business.

For the success of your business, not only we provide the best car dealer software but also we have a simple three-step formula. First, we arm you with tools crucial for organizing your inventory. Second, we put your dealership on the digital map. We put your dealership on social media, on the web, we help you create compelling listings and we make you visible on the internet which helps you gain the right leads. At last, by enabling you to maintain transparency, we equip your business with tools that render valuable insights crucial to close the deals.
In addition to all the features listed above, we:

Provide 24/7 support: It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, we at DealerBeats ensure there are no technological obstacles to stop you. Hence, to ensure the seamless functioning of your business, we provide 24/7 support to keep your business up and running.

Save your money: With our next-gen car dealership software solution, we help you save money. Instead of relying on various solutions for your diverse business needs, you get all the features and functionalities crucial for the seamless functioning of your business in one place. Our car dealer software solutions come loaded with several features that make DealerBeats one of the best car dealer software.  

Save your time: When your business is organized, you can focus on what matters the most. Your customers and your sales. Hence by providing a one-stop solution for all your business needs, DealerBeats helps you in maximizing your productivity and save time.

Maximize customer retention: With our powerful CRM, you can easily keep in touch with your customers and keep them informed about the deals, offers, schemes, etc.

We ensure you sell more and maximize your profits while we do the heavy lifting for you. Over the years, DealerBeats has helped several businesses of all sizes to overcome challenges effectively. Our happy customers have received the right leads, closed more deals and maximized their profits within months.

So when are you taking your first step to a more organized business and a better future? Get in touch with us today and see one of the best car dealer software solutions in action!

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Electric cars are no longer just a gimmick. All the car manufacturers are predicting the future, calculating their place and position in that future and are now changing strategies. Recent Super Bowl commercials were packed with electric vehicle promotion and with governments across the globe pushing in new policies and laws for fossil fuel vehicles, car manufacturers are rolling up their sleeves and preparing for the new era. In the year 2019, Volkswagen took a deeper dive in the EV industry and German car makers are also trying to push boundaries to match the standards set by Tesla.

There was a time when some analysts came to a conclusion that the booming car dealer industry will hit the ground pretty soon.

But the analysis didn’t stand the test of time. The used car dealership industry continued to grow and is still growing. Unlike other businesses, the demand and supply have stayed consistent in this business and equilibrium has been established.

Due to depreciation rates, more and more people are preferring to invest in used cars instead of new cars. As per the statistics provided by the National Automobile Dealers Association, the depreciation on a new vehicle within 6 months can be more than a thousand dollars while the price of used vehicles remains the same throughout the year in many cases.

Hence this gives used car dealers a better edge and a better shot at reaping good profits. As long as car dealers are keeping their inventory fresh, effectively marketing themselves and are able to attract buyers from the market, the industry will keep booming for the coming years as well.

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What is a car dealership software and how does it work?

It is a system that helps auto dealers to manage and maintain their car dealership. It keeps in check your car inventory, accounting, desking, etc. Since it is a web and mobile-based system, it can be installed directly on your PC, laptop, and mobile and can be run anywhere. A car dealership software is one complete solution to all your dealership needs. From inventory management and sales management to CRM and DMS, car dealership software helps do more in less time.

Why to use Car Dealer software?

There are several reasons why you should use car dealer software. Not only a car dealer software organizes your business but it also equips it with various solutions required for seamless operation. A car dealer software also helps you market your business better. With the help of optimized websites and strong social media presence, car dealers can maximize their reach and visibility which results in better leads and more conversions. It helps in quick sales and better decision making. It smoothes the overall functionality of your car dealership and offers customer reliable rental services. In addition to this, with the help of google analytics, business owners can conveniently locate their sources of traffic and easily find out what’s trending on their website. Apart from all these benefits, a car dealer software also comes with a CRM, which helps you build lasting relationships and also ensures maximum customer retention.

What You Should Know about Car Dealer Software?

While purchasing a car dealer software, it’s important to know that many terms are being used for the same software interchangeably. A car dealer software is also called automotive dealer software and such software must be equipped with features such as inventory management, accounting, desking, CRM, Marketing, etc.

Who can use Car Dealer Software?

Car dealer software or car dealership software is used by car dealers or independent car dealers, new car dealers or used car dealers who want to keep a check on their inventories, accounting, and other special features.

What all tools/service must be there in the best car dealer software?

The best car dealer software must have all the features such as photo overlay, accounting, inventory management, desking, marketing,auto dealer CRM, integrations, database management, lease management, financing management, etc.

How is the car Inventory managed automatically for car dealers?

Car Inventory is managed through a cloud-based system that has an auto-scheduler that saves your time from manual data entry. It can post your new inventory directly on craigslist or automatically refresh your car inventory after a particular amount of time.

Which feature enables car dealers to check vehicle history online?

The history of car inventory is usually checked with the inventory management feature of any car dealer software program. DealerBeats offer entire inventory management. Check it out here:

What is a VIN Decoder?

It is one of the features offered in the inventory management program of DealerBeats that shows the entire history of vehicles including color, mileage, body framework, etc.

What is auto dealer CRM or car dealer CRM?

Auto dealer CRM or car dealer CRM enables car dealership owners to stay connected with their existing, new as well as old customers effectively without any hassle. In addition to this, it enables car dealership owners to keep the customer information organized, reduce customer attrition and form better relationships.

Automotive Dealer Software Featured Posts

Read what’s trending in the world of automotive. How it is changing the marketplace of dealers and suppliers. Know all the upcoming trends here:
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Here are a few reasons that define how useful is Automotive Software Dealer Solution for your dealership business

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In today’s hi-tech world where each day a new technology takes over the old one. Businesses need to be run on toes.

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by Aaron Williams, Maine on

We’ve been using DealerBeats dealer management system for the past 6 months and we cannot be happier. The software is quick, easy to understand and extremely user-friendly. The solution has helped us get organized and reduce cost-effectively.

by Luke Miller, Georgia on

Our inventory was all over the place. We needed a dealer management system to help us manage our inventory effectively and DealerBeats’ car dealer software has helped us immensely in organizing our inventory. We are not only saving on warehouse cost but also we have rectified the challenge of understocking.

by John Rivera, Florida on

We are extremely happy with the DealerBeats dealer management system. We wanted a solution that could do it all and we’ve finally found one. In addition to this, their software has also helped us increase our leads and customers. Thank you!

by William Brown, Texas on

Dealerbeats have made my life so simple. I have been using Dealerbeats’ car dealer software for the past 3 months and I must say that now, I don’t have to carry my paperwork home. They have helped me organize my finances and also have increased the leads drastically.

by Owen Miller, Florida on

We are so happy with our new car dealer website. Not only Dealerbeats enhanced the look and feel of our old website but it also improved its rank. This not only has increased our leads but also the conversion rates of our customers. I cannot recommend Dealerbears highly enough. Thankyou Dealerbeats

by Jason Mustaq, US on

With DealerBeats software my car dealership business has tripled with an impressive rate. Without this software I don’t think I could have achieved such milestones. For me it is the best car dealer software so far.

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